Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Dec. 15-16, 2012

Overall crime: up 3% in NJ.

Not everybody agrees on Garden State Equality’s path to marriage equality

  • Reed Gusciora, New Jersey Assemblyman, Discusses Bill To Bring Gay Marriage To Ballot In State.

    Christie won’t commit to serving full-term if re-elected

  • Christie, fully committed to New Jersey, until he decides he’s not.

  • Stile: Christie looks ready for prime time, but is it ready for him?

  • Edelstein: Christie has a Republican problem for 2016.

    Local 54 of the Unite-HERE

  • Warning investors against pumping anymore money into the flagging casino.

    Q & A

  • A conversation with Rep. Frank LoBiondo.

    Connecticut school shooting

  • Jersey flags at half-staff.

  • Rush Holt speaks the truth.

  • Obama & Romney: Bad Schools Cause Gun Violence

  • Memo to Gov. Chris Christie.

  • Another NJ connection.

    Menendez discusses arrest of intern

  • Video.


  • Rutgers board approves bonus for ex-president Richard McCormick.

    Christie sidesteps senate committee

  • Puts new Morris prosecutor in place.

    Hot water

  • Another bank suing Asm Robert Schroeder, alleging he skipped payments on $900k loan.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Grinch.

  • Mental health toll emerges among survivors.

  • Sweeney says N.J. voters will likely be asked to pick up part of Sandy tab.

  • State will survey small businesses for their Sandy needs.

  • Christie: “I will call out” FEMA or anyone who plays politics over Sandy.

  • Belmar: Boardwalk contract awarded.

    The Auditor

  • Why Lee Solomon wasn’t picked, Middlesex truce, Buono stumbles, and more. (Auditor)


  • Moran: Tax hikes will come to NJ.
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    1. firstamend07

      For a Governor who talks about being a ” up front jersey guy” his failure to give a straight answer on his current plans are simply disingenuous.

      He needs to simply answerthe question,” will you commit to the taxpayers of Nj that you plan to serve out your full term as Governor if reelected?”

      Not a tough question for Mr. Honesty.

      A simple Yes or No answer will do.

      The Press ,as I predicted,is now picking up on this question and should ask it at every news conference.


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