NJRSC Year In Review

Earlier today, Rosi posted the New Jersey State Democratic Committee’s Year in Review. To give the GOP equal time, below the fold is the Republicans’ Year in Review:

(h/t to several other Blue Jersey writers for their suggestions)

Governor Christie decided to be on the wrong side of the preeminent civil rights struggle of the twenty-first century by vetoing the Marriage Equality bill. Instead, he disingenuously called for a referendum. If he had been in office in the 60s, would he have called for a referendum on civil rights for African-Americans?

Shortly after a what was to be secret meeting with the notorious Koch Brothers, Governor Christie unilaterally withdrew New Jersey from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – a program to reduce pollution and global warming. Yes – that type of global warming which all reputable scientists point out will intensify weather events like Hurricane Sandy.

Governor Christie vetoed a bill to prohibit the transport or storage of waste from fracking operations, thus virtually guaranteeing future work for environmental cleanup crews.

Under Governor Christie’s leadership, and especially under his veto pen, unemployment in New Jersey has consistently been worse than that of neighboring states and the national average.

Property taxes have risen, even while municipalities are cutting vital services.

Two Supreme Court nominees appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. One was rejected because of some dubious financial dealings within his family; the other was eminently unqualified. Meanwhile, Christie ignored the tradition of balance on the bench by appointing Republicans or Independents in Name Only.

Governor Christie ignored established election law and continued his self-promotion tour (a/k/a “Town Halls”) He used one of these forums to call one of his constituents, an ex-Navy SEAL and current law school student, an “idiot.

Responding to criticism that such name-calling does not belong in Town Halls, Christie took it to the Jersey Shore.

Governor Christie succeded in getting New Jersey on the front page of the New York Times with his good friend’s connections with our privatized Halfway Houses. The number of escapees continued to rise.

Governor Christie, who guaranteed a Mitt Romney win for the presidency, was chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Republican National Convention. Ignoring Romney for the most part, Christie talked about himself.

Christie gave us a preview of his activities in 2014 and beyond by gallivanting across the country, stumping for some of the worst of the worst in the GOP like Iowa Congressman Steve “Planned Parenthood is invested in promiscuity” King.

GOP Congressman Scott Garrett ignored his state by urging Congress not to provide relief to Sandy victims.

Following the Republicans’ mantra for “smaller government”, the cost of the New Jersey executive’s office increased 14%, according to press reports.

GOP voter suppression is unsuccessful in Willingboro, as Barack Obama garnered 91% of the vote there.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos leveraged his alignment with GOP policies by going down to a rousing defeat by Senator Robert Menendez.

GOP Assemblyman Robert Schroeder was indicted for fraud and fellow GOP legislators called for his resignation. Schroeder maintains he is innocent and has not resigned.

In an extended interview with Blue Jersey, GOP Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll starts off by defending slavery and talks about a myriad of other issues.

In recognition of the GOP’s preference for federal control over states making their own decisions, Governor Christie vetoed the bill to establish state-run medical exchanges – instead opting for control by what he calls “Washington bureaucrats.”

Despite the fact that the people of New Jersey have approved medical marijuana dispensaries, the Governor put roadblocks in front of the process of actually opening these facilities. Only one facility is currently in operation. To add insult to injury, the Christie administration has set a precedent by taxing medicinal items there.

After politicizing a gun-control question at a Town Hall meeting a while ago, in 2012 after the Aurora shooting, Christie accused politicians advocating better gun control as “grandstanding.”

All NJ GOP House members (with the exception of Chris Smith) get a near-failing grade on gun control.

GOP operative Sheldon Adelson injected $160,000 into a local Freeholder election and sent out over-the-top ads (accusing one Democratic candidate of killing patients in a hospital). Despite a 9 to 1 spending advantage, the two incumbent GOP Freeholders’ terms end tomorrow.

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