NJ Would Be A Better Place Without George Norcross

I think Tom Moran and the Star Ledger have officially gone crazy.  I know Moran hates teachers and public employees in general, but the editorial in today’s Star Ledger was over the top.


The fact that NJ’s largest newspaper is giving a political thug kudos is beyond comprehension.  “The only real hope to stop the bloodshed” in Camden is to abolish the existing police force and their collective bargaining agreement?  Really??  

Certainly our gun laws need to be stricter, but the real problem is the culture of violence that exists.  It is a massive social failure.  That social failure combined with years of mismanagement is what ails Camden.

People like Norcross who gerrymander elections for all the wrong reasons is the real reason why Camden suffers today. Selling private insurance to government that should be using insurance on public contract in order to wield influence and grease the rails of politics is what is wrong with Camden.

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  1. firstamend07

    Blaming George Norcross for what is wrong in Camden?

    Do you honestly think that election results have hurt Camden?

    Have you ever been to Camden?

    Camden needs one thing.JOBS!

    Norcross, like him or not, has provided more jobs and more change in Camden than any other person in the past 30 years.

    Fine. Go after Mr. Norcross for his politics ,but do not be so blinded by your dislike of the man to blame him forthe sorry state of Camden.  


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