News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, December 3, 2012

Pinch hitting again, so add any stories missed into the comments as always.

Christie to get minimum wage bill today

  • The New Jersey Legislature is expected to send Governor Christie a bill increasing the minimum wage after the Assembly takes a final technical vote on Monday. The bill increases the minimum wage by $1.25 per hour to $8.50, and allows automatic adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index. The Legislature is also advancing a resolution that would place the wage increase before voters next November.
  • Toll Hikes Take Effect And Anger Motorists

  • Toll hikes went into effect at all of the Port Authority’s Hudson River crossings, and drivers heading into –and in some cases avoiding them were not happy.
  • Showdown over Dunes and more Sandy news

  • Following the extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy, towns and residents are preparing for a fight with those property owners who have opposed the building of dunes along the shore line.
  • Deadline nears for homeowners with major Sandy loss to file for reduced 2013 property taxes
  • Work begins to replenish beaches on the Jersey Shore
  • Press of Atlantic City: Property losses will raise tax bills in towns Hurricane Sandy tore up
  • We don’t need no stinking climate risk study

  • Just a few months before Sandy devastated hundreds of New Jersey’s commuter locomotives and railcars, state officials were so confident they were protected from extreme weather, that they decided it wasn’t even necessary to study ways to weatherproof NJ Transit’s rolling stock against unruly new climate patterns.
  • Could you live on $4/day for food?

  • Cory Booker did a little grocery shopping this weekend. A very little. The Newark Mayor is taking the Food Stamp challenge and will spend one week, beginning Tuesday, eating only what food stamps can provide.
  • Residents Out Of Homes, Investigation Continues in Paulsboro

  • NTSB said it will investigate whether tidal surge from Hurricane Sandy played a roll a train derailment and chemical spill in Paulsboro. The NTSB will also look into a red light signal the crew received as it approached 139-year-old bridge.
  • NTSB: Conrail studied problems day before NJ crash
  • As cleanup crews scramble to pump the toxic chemical out of the creek, officials have extended the evacuation order through Saturday, which means that members of 48 households in the evacuation zone won’t be able to get home for the rest of the week.
  • Senate President Sweeney and Local officials in Paulsboro say they are pushing for more federal support in repairing railroad infrastructure to ensure that the train derailment that happened on Friday never happens again.

    Superintendent defers salary to help with “cash flow problems”

  • The Superintendent for both the Salem County Vocational Technical School District and the Salem County Special Services School District, last week asked the combined board of education for the two districts to withhold the portion of his salary contributed by the Special Services School District until June to help cope with some “cash flow problems” the district has been experiencing in recent years.
  • Bear Hunt begins today

  • Hunters hit stores Sunday to purchase permits and last-minute items to prepare for the state’s third consecutive annual bear hunt, which begins today, while opponents prepared to protest.
  • 37 cases of Fungal Meningitis

  • New Jersey health officials say 37 cases of fungal meningitis have now been reported in the state. The cases, two confirmed and 35 considered probable, are linked to a recalled, potentially tainted steroid produced by a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts.
  • Electronic Giants Under Pressure in North Jersey

  • Massive losses. Plummeting share prices. Thousands of layoffs. They are telltale signs that the Japanese corporate parents of three of North Jersey’s most prominent corporate neighbors are in trouble.
  • Surprise tax on medical marijuana

  • A lawmaker who was influential in getting New Jersey’s medical marijuana law passed said he was stunned by the Christie administration’s announcement last week that the drug would be taxed.
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    1. interested observer (Post author)

      Belmar has put out a bid for a new boardwalk to be completed by summer 2013.

    2. JackHarris

      Between Seven Presidents Park & Pier Village.

      I like the feel of the boards better when taking long walks…but the brick does hold up much better.

      Bradley Beach also did an awesome job on their dune system. As you said, It’s gone now but it protected what it had to protect.

      And it was pretty too, esp. with the vegetation stabilzing the dunes. The fall colors were beautiful along the beach in Bradley Beach.


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