News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, December 10, 2012

Filling in for Rosi again, please put any stories missed in the comments.


  • AP: Buono starts campaign as Dems wait on Booker.
  • Senator Buono posted here at Blue Jersey… College Economics 101: Better Information = Better Decisions
  • Michael Aron of NJTV writes an open letter to Cory Booker.

    Christie Prosecutor Appointment to be Challenged

  • Two Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee said today that Gov. Chris Christie’s move to make Fredric Knapp the acting Morris County prosecutor will be challenged.
  • Sandy

  • Officials in New Jersey received strong recommendations from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Saturday when new flood elevation maps were released to 10 counties. The new Advisory Base Flood Elevation maps – which show potential water could rise one to five feet higher in most flood zones – provide homeowners, business owners and municipalities with the best available data while they head through the rebuilding process, said William McDonnell, FEMA’s deputy hazard mitigation branch director.
  • A host of state and federal agencies are scheduled to appear at a forum today in Monmouth County to discuss Superstorm Sandy-related health issues.
  • Proposing Changes And Coping Following Connecticut Tragedy

  • Several federal lawmakers from New Jersey have joined President Obama’s call for “meaningful action” on gun safety following the Friday shooting that killed 20 first graders in Connecticut and left eight adults dead including Senator Lautenberg, Congressmen Pallone and Pascrell.
  • Bill Orr says we can do better with NJ Gun laws in this diary here at Blue Jersey.
  • Educators across New Jersey spent the weekend looking for ways to reassure students as they return to class in the wake of the Connecticut school massacre.
  • State Police Deployed In Trenton

  • The New Jersey State Police have begun their third deployment into the capital city this year, kicking off the “Trenton Initiative” with a dozen arrests on Saturday.
  • Paulsboro Cleanup

  • The fifth and final rail car containing vinyl chloride was removed from the East Jefferson Street Bridge crash scene on Sunday. The car, removed as part of the recovery from the Nov. 30 crash of a Contrail train, was placed on a barge and will be re-railed once bridge and track repairs are completed.
  • Senator Sweeney said that the Paulsboro chemical leak response was ‘mismanaged’
  • Fuel Oil Leak Threatens Sensitive Areas

  • It remains unclear just how much fuel oil escaped from a barge docked off Staten Island on Friday night, but a sheen was visible in Newark Bay and through miles of surrounding waterways yesterday according to the Coast Guard. The spill has threatened wildlife at Shooter’s Island, a 43-acre uninhabited bird sanctuary located between Staten Island, Bayonne and Elizabeth
  • NJ Drunk Driving Numbers Falling

  • As police throughout South Jersey prepare once again to crack down on drunken driving, they do so knowing the past six years have shown a significant decrease statewide in impaired driving.
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