News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Dec. 24, 2012

Sweet story. But until they’re all home ….

A special season for North Jersey immigrants

  • An estimated 21% of New Jersey’s population of 8.9 million is foreign-born.

    Some responders say Gloucester County was unprepared for Paulsboro chemical emergency

  • Firefighters rushing to the train derailment in Paulsboro last month knew the toxic chemical vinyl chloride had been released into the atmosphere. But some say they were equipped with inoperable monitoring devices unable to detect the extent of their chemical exposure.

    “I don’t know if anyone here has seen anybody shot. I have.”

  • Cory Booker slams what he calls “the false debate” over guns on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. (video)
  • Also on This Week, Asa Hutchinson dismisses Christie’s criticism of NRA’s call for armed guards in schools.

    Chris Christie’s New Year’s Resolution

  • deciminyan has a suggestion.


  • New Jersey Audubon Society is cutting back at several facilities, closing the 135-acre Rancocas Nature Center.
  • Judge Agrees School-Repair Projects Taking Too Long.

    Hurricane Sandy + Superfund sites = ?

  • For more than a month, the U.S. EPA has said that the recent superstorm didn’t cause significant problems at any of the 247 Superfund toxic waste sites it’s monitoring in New York & New Jersey. But in many cases, no actual tests of soil or water are being conducted, just visual inspections.

    Sandy Recovery

  • What the Arts Can Do to Help Rebuild the Jersey Shore.
  • Inquirer: Sandy aid being held up despite obvious needs.

    Auditor: Sweeney snubbed?

  • Might they soon have to change the name to “Building Trades 8”? Plus Tim Eustace stranded in Antarctica etc..

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    1. vmars

      It’s time to stop demonizing public workers as if they were all lazy.  After these brave fire fighters running into chemical disaster and the astonishing teachers and principal in Newtown all these folks bashing government staff need to shut up.

    2. deciminyan

      The day of the Paulsboro spill, the news helicopters showed an aerial view of the operations. There, I saw the first responders doing their job – and much to my surprise they were not wearing any protective gear (gas masks or the like). This was at a time when people were unsure of the severity of the spill. So a few weeks later, I asked the Paulsboro fire chief about this. He told me that the responders received urine tests and that there was no sign of toxins in their bodies. But the point is – why weren’t these folks provided with protective gear, at least until the air monitoring was complete? Will we be seeing this in the news years from now, as the long term effects of this exposure manifests itself? Let’s hope not.


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