News Roundup & Open Thread for Mayan Apocalypse Day, Dec. 21, 2012

Moment of silence 9:30am today for the children & educators of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Kornacki: The humiliation of John Boehner.

Another CEC halfway house-related murder

  • Released from Logan Hall, Raheem Jones tracked his girlfriend to Paterson and stabbed her to death as her 3-year-old granddaughter tried to get help.

    NJ Gun Laws

  • We can do better.

    Senate Prez Steve Sweeney said the vote “sent a clear message” that the governor “is not king.”

  • Senate rejects Christie appointee for Morris County prosecutor.


  • NJ unemployment at 9.6%, but we lose 8,100 jobs.

  • Judge orders former Superintendent Michael Ritacco & an insurance company to pay $4.3M restitution to Toms River Schools.

  • Sandy sacked us.

  • OLS: November had chilling effect on tax collections, all but erased NJ revenue growth for fiscal year.


  • Dreamcasting Booker v. Christie.

  • Booker decision clutters the Democratic field for Gov.

  • Booker’s announcement leaves Dems hoping to find a Christie challenger quickly.

  • Winners & Losers in Booker’s Senate decision.

  • Buono calls on Dems for support.

  • Interesting (non-scientific) poll results at

  • 6th congressional district underground.

    It’s called BCC. Look into it.

  • Christie admin Dept. of Health emails more than 400 medical marijuana program users with all their email contacts visible to all recipients, violating their medical privacy.

    Reed Gusciora on marriage equality

  • Why he changed his mind on referendum, and GSE’s Steven Goldstein’s response.

    Ted Olson v. Paul Clement

  • Legal heavyweights add punch to N.J. sports betting fight.


  • Bill would let docs, not insurers, decide on strength of pain meds; doctor prescription would override limits set by health plans.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Republicans like Christie want to spend less, until they have a need – like Sandy aid – then it’s hurry up and spend.
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