Memo to NJ Gov. Chris Christie:

Update: Hoboken resident Ryan Lanza ‘in shock’ after learning his brother killed 27, including their mother, today.

I just want to say to Gov. Chris Christie, before he has a chance to open his mouth, that No – it won’t be “grandstanding” when politicians watching what’s going on in at a Connecticut school right now stand up to talk about the American culture of guns, and keeping kids, and the rest of us, safe from them.

Got that, Gov. Christie?

CT School shooting 12/14/12

AP Photo – Newtown Bee

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)
  2. Stephen Yellin

    Why not create a simple resolution that calls on local and county governments to support gun control legislation? Semi-automatic weapons that can be bought over-the-counter in some states as an example of what needs to change.

    Once a critical mass of municipalities/counties was reached, send the list and resolution to Trenton and D.C.

    The gun lobby will keep winning unless enough people demand change.  

  3. Marie Corfield

    at this time is to turn away! No, it’s not too soon. These random acts of violence will continue to happen unless we refuse to remain silent.

    Read on Twitter this morning: ‘No one is coming to take your guns, but someone with a gun is coming to take your children.’

    ‘We the people’ must stop this madness.

  4. KendalJames

    Very disappointing sentiment. Thoughts and prayers don’t prevent gun violence – good policy can. A time like this is raw and people don’t want to be accused of trying to make political hay from tragedy – but using a teachable moment as a way to underscore urgently needed changes to gun laws is not political opportunism. In fact, it takes enormous bravery to seize on a difficult moment like this and use it to catalyze change. The President and Carney are incorrect in saying that this is not the time to engage in a debate. This is EXACTLY the time.  

  5. johnleesandiego

    Chris Christie is just another token concubine to the NRA.

  6. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Oh, have I broken some convention of decent manners? Not enough time has elapsed before we can call for policy change to prevent people from killing little kids? Do I read you correctly as agreeing with the Governor against politicians who speak about guns after an incident so awful that it turns every head in America towards the issue?

    It is never a wrong time to talk about gun control. And if Gov. Christie wants a national role beyond GOP media star, criticizing any politician for “grandstanding” too soon after a massacre (though few people know more about grandstanding than he), is a choice of highly dubious ethics.  

  7. tvb

    The only ‘too soon’ here is too soon to die.  

  8. Jay Lassiter

    and if you think it’s too soon, that’s your problem.  if they are free to commit mass murder, i am free to comment on it in real time.

    i can barely believe your audacity to suggest it’s “too soon.”  

  9. sayitaintso

    for Newtown

    for Aurora

    for Gabby Giffords’ constitutuents

    I could keep going.

  10. Alex

    …repeated that tired old cliché that serves as an excuse for inaction: “It’s too soon.” It’s always too soon, it seems. Until the next massacre.

  11. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Let Camden and Newark be first. And then let the rest of us – in our 566 little municipalities – stand behind them. In some of our cities and some of our neighborhoods, the danger is commonplace, and everyday.  


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