“Joe R.” running out of time to secede

Poor “Joe R.” You see, he wants to secede after President Obama was re-elected, but the clock is ticking:

The clock is ticking for “Joe R.” The Sewell online secessionist needs 10,501 votes by 11:59 p.m. to take the next step in getting the Garden State declared a sovereign nation. The Sewell man started his movement on Nov. 11 with a petition to whitehouse.gov. By Nov. 13, he had about 9,000 signatures.

That’s alot of signatures fast, right?  He’ll surely be able to get attention so that NJ can secede… or not:

Many of the signatures, however, are from people who either don’t live in New Jersey or didn’t give their residence. In the last 10 days, only 15 local men and women were among the 236 who signed up.

It looks like “Joe R.” might have to hang around a little longer.  

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