Job Listing: Let the wild speculation begin

Picked up in today’s digest of employment listings at JobsThatAreLeft, a google group job bank for Democratic professionals looking for campaign cycle and other political work (h/t JackHarris):

Campaign Manager New Jersey Gubernatorial Campaign

(I’ve removed email address and poster’s name)

Dec 01 07:07PM -0800  

A progressive Democratic gubernatorial candidate is seeking an experienced campaign manager **for an aggressive campaign plan.

The campaign manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the campaign, to include oversight of: budgeting, staffing, candidate scheduling and finance operations. They must possess a proven ability to work well with staff and consultants.

The successful candidate will have multiple cycles of

progressively responsible camp**aign experience on statewide or top-tier congressional races. The successful candidate also must possess prior experience managing staff and a budget, and exhibit strong leadership and organizational skills.

Please send cover letter, resume, and at least 3 professional references to (email address has been removed).

Note: The candidate isn’t specified, but I removed the name of the person who listed the call for applicants and some other repetitive phrases. But otherwise, this is pretty much how the listing looks. Let the speculation begin …


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  1. brendanod

    The campaign business, it would seem to me a top tier potential candidate (Booker,Sweeney, or other machine sponsored candidate) would already have a person in mind that is or has already been employed by the machine.  

    My guess would be an anti-machine politician gearing up to be a serious challenger.  I’m hoping for Bollwage,Buono, or Codey.

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    That would be my guess.  Insiders like Booker, Sweeney wouldn’t need to advertise, and Codey’s been acting governor.  I’m not sure whether Bollwage and Wisnewski would describe themselves as “progressive.”

  3. zi985

    According to the job posting is for State Senator Barbara Buono.  She is also attending the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) conference in Los Angeles and is conducting a poll in NJ.  It looks pretty likely that she is preparing to run for Governor.


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