It’s official: Buono files to run for governor

Here is a pullout from Senator Buono’s announcement email:

All of us are focused on rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but we have so much more to do. Under Governor Christie, our middle class has taken a beating. Property taxes have shot up and so has unemployment, now the highest in three decades. And we’ve fallen to 47th out of 50 states in economic growth.

It’s time for a leader in Trenton who will put the middle class first – lifting our schools instead of scapegoating our teachers; protecting property taxpayers rather than pushing income tax cuts for millionaires.

This is going to be a big race, and the way we win is to build a genuine grassroots campaign – and I can only do that with your help.

The email to supporters was entitled “Hope you got some sleep,” a reference to the many sleepless nights active Democrats put in during the 2012 campaign and the long process of counting and certifying that election after Hurricane Sandy. I had to laugh a little. The lady knows her audience.

Buono’s announcement strikes several other chords, too; a nod to grassroots power that appears to recognize that may be her path to the Democratic nomination if party bosses have something else in mind, support for ‘property taxpayers’ where their interest runs counter to those of NJ’s wealthiest, and the elegantly expressed “lifting our schools instead of scapegoating our teachers”.

First in. Good luck to Senator Buono. This is an open thread …

Can’t watch video at work? Transcript’s posted after the jump.

Transcript of video

Hi, I’m Barbara Buono.

I want to talk a moment about New Jersey’s future.

When Governor Christie announced his re-election bid, he said he was motivated by the unfinished work of our hurricane recovery.

Of course that’s an urgent priority.  And I’m proud of the bipartisan way our state has faced this crisis…proud of the selflessness and generosity I’ve seen, as neighbors have lent neighbors a hand.

        We will rebuild our storm-ravaged communities.  But that’s not the only rebuilding that needs to be done.

        There’s another New Jersey that’s been slowly eroded by wrong priorities, poor policy choices, and inexcusable neglect.

      Today, our state has an unemployment crisis…the highest jobless rate in over three decades. Instead of bipartisan leadership, Governor Christie’s offered trickle-down economics – policies that have landed New Jersey 47th out of 50 states for economic growth.  We need a real plan to create good-paying jobs all across our state.

     Today, we’re not doing enough to prepare our young people for the global economy.  But instead of finding common ground, the Governor scapegoats our teachers.  We need to make all of our schools centers of innovation, and make higher education more affordable.

We have a property tax crisis, with middle class families hit by a 20 percent tax hike…all while the Governor pushes income tax cuts for millionaires.  We need a tax policy that supports strong middle class neighborhoods…not one that drives families away.

I’m the daughter of an Italian immigrant who worked as a butcher to support our family.  I know the struggle of New Jersey’s working and middle class because I’ve lived it.

I have the perspective of a mom who balances the family budget, signs report cards, checks homework, and takes the kids to field hockey and basketball practice.

I have the experience as Senate Budget Chair of cutting $4.5 billion in spending — to close the deficit while protecting education and health care.  I’ve fought for property tax relief, clean energy jobs, and retirement security.

And I will keep fighting for the values we share – from marriage equality to support for Planned Parenthood.

I’ll champion innovative job creation, smart budgets, and fair taxes…education and economic strategies that make sense in today’s competitive world.  That’s the leadership our kids and families need.

Today, I want you to be the first to know that I’m running for Governor.  I’ve filed my papers, and I’ll make a formal announcement early next year.

I’m not going to run a conventional campaign.  And I won’t be anointed by the political bosses.  Instead, I’ll stake my chances on the folks at grocery stores and train stations…those who need someone to stand up for them.

Please log on to my website –  Share your ideas and your stories – and join our team.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you on the campaign trail.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    The notion that our nominee would be decided for us in advance, or that we should wait to be told who he will be totally rubs me the wrong way. Let’s hear what the would-be candidates have to say, and what they can do, and we’ll decide who’s our best bet to beat Christie next November.

  2. toaonua

    She’s got a tough battle ahead, she knows it and seems prepared – this is a well done opening. She’s got my support.

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton
  4. firstamend07

    Nice person. No chance in the world of winning a primary against either Booker or Sweeney.  

    She will attract the ” martyr” crowd.

    But a nice moment for her right before Christmas……

  5. Bill Orr

    From a true progressive.  

  6. Nick Lento

    Senator Barbara Buono just gave us a great kickoff presentation and I am impressed.

    It’s early to make a hard pick…but my sense is that a well conducted primary will strengthen whoever comes out the winner….so long as the candidates make the competition a matter of who can best beat Christie and how they will go about that goal.

    Getting negative toward each other is counterprodctive and would just make it that much harder for all of us to come together in November.

    Christie needs to be beaten.  He is vulnerable for all manner of reasons.  His popularity is “a mile wide and an inch deep”.

    The more people understand who he really is and what he’s really done and where he’s really at…the less liked he will be.

    Kudos to Senator Buono for a classy entrance on to the field!


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