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Tonight, as I was getting ready to toss this morning’s dead tree Philadelphia Inquirer into the recycle bin, I glanced at an article by reporter Jacqueline Urgo about a bill that Senate President Steve Sweeney is sponsoring that would prohibit shore towns from charging for beach tags if they receive state or federal aid for Sandy reconstruction. Something caught my eye.

When describing the sponsors of the bill, Urgo writes:

Sweeney, a liberal Democrat from South Jersey, and [Michael] Doherty, a conservative Republican from North Jersey, are an odd political pair. (emphasis mine)

If, in the minds of the Inquirer reporters, Sweeney is a liberal Democrat, then I’m a prima ballerina. As Senate President, Sweeney relegated the real liberal senators to the back bench, voted for the Christie pension/benefit “reform”, and is the epitome of a conservative Democrat.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Steve Sweeney. He’s always been accessible to Blue Jersey for interviews and has formed a partnership with a real liberal Democrat (Loretta Weinberg), and if he wins the nomination for governor, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat even though we disagree in many areas.

Sure, he’s been at the forefront of marriage equality. But so has Ted Olson been on the national level, and no one would accuse Olson as being “liberal.”

It’s a shame that the Inquirer (partially owned by South Jersey Democratic Political Boss George Norcross III) can get away with labeling Sweeney as a “liberal” just to print a clever turn of words in his alliance with Doherty. Hopefully, the editors will be more careful next time.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    That’s a new one.

    P.S.  I would never vote for Sweeney.

  2. Bill Orr

    But if he wins the primary I would vote for him also. In the meantime, my hope for the Dem candidate is for Booker first, then Buono. My hope for being a prima ballerina is just that.  

  3. Momotombo

    I think the choice use of liberal was quite intentional as he considers a run for Governor.  Norcross’ paper is helping to shape the image that Sweeney needs to distinguish himself from the current Governor.  

  4. Nick Lento

    I would vote for him over Christie….but then I would vote for almost anyone over Christie.

    Failing to vote at all because Sweeney isn’t “perfect” enough is counterproductive…and that’s being charitable.

    Hopefully, the nominee will be more aggressively progressive than Sweeney…but Sweeney would be a significant improvement policy-wise over Christie…if he were to win.

  5. Galton

    Steve Sweeney is the only candidate that would keep me from voting this year.

    You might as well vote for George Norcross.

    it’s been said that if you are thirsty enough, you’ll drink muddy water. Sweeney is a swamp water carrying hack of boss George.

  6. FirstAmend08

    Because Steve Sweeney is the liberalest Senator who ever lived.

    –Passed legislation requiring children to be provided with night lights so they don’t get scared.

    –Wants minimum wage to be $5,000 an hour.

    –The perfect and irresistible mix of brains and brawn to attract independent female voters.

    –Passed legislation designating baby koala bears as the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

    –Invented youtube.

    –Once beat a hippie in a contest to see who could go longer without showering or cutting his hair.  Bet you can’t say that Barbara Buono.

    Sweeney ’16.  Get ready for a tornado, Iowa.  A sexy liberal iron worker tornado.

  7. Jersey Jazzman

    Sweeney, a liberal Democrat from South Jersey, and Doherty, a conservative Republican from North Jersey, are an odd political pair.

    “I’m shocked that I actually agree with him on a bill,” Sweeney said. “But I agree with him on this bill, because it’s taxpayers that have paid – and will pay – for that beach to be rebuilt.”

    Their bill would require municipalities that accept storm aid to provide beach access and oceanfront restrooms free.

    Doherty proposed the bill last month – within three weeks of the storm – as residents, business owners, and municipalities were digging out from layers of sand and muck that covered streets and the bottom floors of buildings. He said the tag system unfairly limits access to a “public resource that’s been a beneficiary of a great deal of federal investment.”

    Shore officials called the timing “insensitive” and “in poor taste,” but Doherty and Sweeney have contended that since it is likely that hundreds of millions of public dollars will be spent repairing the Shore, the time is now to discuss the issue.


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