“If it Bleeds, it Leads”

That old newspaper adage is exemplified by the South Jersey Times, which picked its top stories of 2012:

  • Woodstown woman dies of heart attack after burglary

  • Camden woman high on ‘wet’ decapitates son

  • Autumn Pasquale’s Murder

  • Crash kills Washington Township teen

  • Millville police officer killed in accident

  • Super derecho storm, death at Parvin State Park

  • Paulsboro train derailment

  • Woman attacks worker over 7-11 sausages

  • Kid forced to eat trash-picked bagel

  • Glass flows like lava at plant explosion

  • Woodstown woman dies of heart attack after burglary

  • Camden woman high on ‘wet’ decapitates son

That publication should be ashamed of itself by sensationalizing tragedy while ignoring some of the positive events in South Jersey:

  • The several non-profits and individuals in Camden working to make the city safer and better, including former Governor and South Jersey’s own Jim Florio celebrating the opening of affordable housing in the city.

  • The election of not one, but two Democrats to the Burlington County Board of Freeholders despite the injection of funds from Sheldon Adelson

  • The ascent of a new, young political star in Assemblyman Troy Singleton

  • The first class of physicians at Cooper Medical School

  • The saving of Rutgers Camden (despite the Governor)

  • South Jersey’s Senator Sweeney’s about-face on marriage equality, and his leadership in getting the bill passed (vetoed by the Governor)

  • Assemblyman Herb Conaway’s leadership in working to establish ubiquitous affordable health care across the state (vetoed by the Governor)

  • Senator Diane Allen’s leadership in combating teacher-on-student bullying.

  • Former Blue Jersey writer and Cherry Hill resident Jay Lassiter’s quest to implement the medical marijuana law despite the Governor’s ceaseless obstructions.

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  1. deciminyan (Post author)

    The Burlington County Times had a much more substantive review of the year’s events in South Jersey. Here.


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