Dick Codey: Having Fun with YouTube, Teasing us with hints at a Gov race

Sen. Dick Codey has his own fleece, and his own boxer’s robe (or maybe it’s the homey, comfy kind). He turns on the video camera for some fun. And he pulls in NJ boxing legend Chuck Wepner, who once went 15 rounds with Muhammed Ali, for a little training help, teasing us a little and encouraging speculation that he might be getting ready not only to spar with Chris Christie, but media hotshot Cory Booker.

Big fun. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    But he and Buono both in the race doesn’t.

    The Bayonne Bleeder!

  2. Bill Orr

    this means he wants to get media attention, promote his favorable attributes, and do so in a low key manner. He’s someone I’ve always respected and found likable. The video shows him getting into shape for something but ends with him plopping down on a chair and looking tired – a downer.  He’s having fun and playing with the idea of getting in the race, but he leaves us with no clear idea as to whether he will run. He will have to make up his mind soon.  

  3. The Wizard

    after the performance with the President. Christie acting normal was all the buzz. It’s like gets accolades for not calling the President a ni66er, of course in code, and that gets him off the hook for all the other untoward behavior.

    A handful of teabaggers were carping because Christie was doing what any normal person would do, and suddenly he’s credible. Everyone forgets our unemployment and the federal dollars and subsequent jobs he rejected so as to make the President look bad before the election.  


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