Christie makes first guest appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

As a frequent viewer and admirer of Jon Stewart (New Jersey’s favorite son) I am quite interested to see how he will interact with Governor Christie in his first Daily Show guest appearance tonight at 11pm.  Perhaps Jon will question Christie about his veto this morning of the New Jersey Health Benefit Exchange Act or a plethora of other bills that Christie has vetoed or conditionally vetoed.  

Although Christie has never been on The Daily Show himself in person, he has rightfully been featured as the butt of Stewart’s jokes.  This one concerns a certain Marriage Equality bill that was vetoed by the Governor back in February…


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  1. zi985 (Post author)

    Well, I think we might have an answer to how Jon Stewart would interact with Gov. Christie: “On Talk Show, No Hug for Christie”  

  2. interested observer

    Christie was pressed more at times in this interview than in any that I can remember…


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