Blue Jersey, what’s your one wish for New Jersey?

bluejerseylogo 2All of us here at Blue Jersey wish all of you joy, but also audacity, endurance, stamina and pluck. All the tools in the toolbox to kick the bad guys in the ass, knock some sense into the Democrats when they need it, and lift up the ones we’re already proud of.

We’re collecting wishes today, Blue Jersey. Making a list, checking it twice. What do you wish for New Jersey?  

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  1. carolh

    One is a Marriage Equality veto override for my friends.

    Two is that we prevent the frackers from PA from overrunning our beautiful state with pipelines and fracking waste in their rush to sell gas overseas.  To keep us from being just a speedbump in their stampede to profit. I want the fracking waste ban veto to be overridden.

  2. deciminyan

    No one doubts that New Jersey’s finances are a mess. Pension obligations must be met, but will require billions of dollars. Unemployment under Governor Christie has been consistently above the national average, reducing tax revenue. Here’s wishing that our next governor works to come up with a fair and equitable solution that includes those who can afford more to pay a bit more, and those that are in circumstances that are at or near the poverty level get well-paying jobs and the support services they need to survive and thrive in the Garden State

  3. Bertin Lefkovic

    The progressive community in NJ has a world-class blog, Blue Jersey, and a statewide organization, DFA-NJ, at its disposal.  Now more than ever, it needs to get organized and proactive with a focus on both short and long term goals and objectives so that it can impact and shape elections and events, not just go along for the ride in the vehicles that the Democratic establishment gives us.  My wish for 2013 and beyond is a New Jersey Progressive Democratic State Committee or something akin to it.

  4. KendalJames

    I’m wishing for a year free of natural disasters and extreme weather.

    I wish for a spirited gubernatorial race that helps New Jerseyans understand a clear contrast between the governor and whoever becomes the nominee, (bosses be damned).

  5. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I echo so many of the wishes here. I’ll spend my wish capital on 3 here:

    1 – spirited Gov campaign. See @KendalJames, above.

    2 – that suburbanites insulated from the cities would snap to and realize the health and strength of the cities goes to the strength of the state.

    3 – that the lurkers here come out and play.

  6. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    And thanks to those that answered the wish question at our Facebook.

  7. Bill Orr

    I hope Blue Jersey will be filled with even more diaries, comments and dialogues in the new year as we advocate for the progressive issues we care about.  

  8. Jeff Gardner

    I wish for Republican legislators who believe in marriage equality to realize the proud place in history they could have, rather than fear the future they might have.


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