Are We Ready To Admit That We are Helpless in The Face of Such Carnage?

The above words were said by President Obama at the inter-faith prayer service in Newtown, Conn. tonight.  We cannot be “ready to admit we are helpless in the face of such carnage”. If not now, when?” Now is the time. The time is absolutely right and we are not “ready to give up in the face of such carnage”.

Our President must lead. We must all lead. We have to pass federal legislation to ban automatic weapons in the hands of civilians. No one needs such WMDs to hunt or to protect themselves. Mayor Bloomberg said, “They are weapons of war”.  We need to nurture the “child proof handgun” prototypes being developed at our own NJIT, and urge gun manufacturers to “buy in” to this endeavor. We need to march, write letters, write OpEds, support Congressman Holt, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy and Senator Lautenberg for their federal leadership in this area. Senator Diane Feinstein will soon be introducing new gun control legislation to completely ban automatic assault weapons.  Senator Feinstein said she was going to form committees across our nation to support her legislation. Wherever it comes from whomever sponsors it, we have to be loud and public in our support. I know we at Blue Jersey are more than ready to join the chorus.

Though I know we have strong gun control measures in our own New Jersey, I plan to do another review of these to see where we need to close loopholes.

We need NRA members and hunters to join the discussion to support sensible gun control. With the proper laws, they can still continue their recreational use of firearms.

The thought that tomorrow will be the first funeral of one of “our” children is sickening. Little Noah Pozner will be buried before he had a chance to finish his first year of school. It is senseless and beyond the ability of any of us to adequately articulate. It was breathtaking and heartbreaking to hear the father of one of our murdered children speak out to offer words of comfort to the family of the “shooter”.

We must have the conversation and action on the mental health aspect of these horrific incidents. How do we treat folks in our society who might need mental health counseling? How do we make sure we have the resources needed to help folks, and how do we encourage people to use them. How do we change the culture of so much violence in our society?

From the devastation of Hurricane Sandy to the horrific  Sandy Hook School murders, we have to continue together to work through to some answers. I know that I, for one, am not ready to “admit that we are helpless in the face of such carnage”.  

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    These are three of the most credible advocates of sane gun policy. I am so proud that two are from New Jersey and the other – whose life story is the call for gun control – is from my home state of New York.

    Now, what I would like to see more of here is investment of time, resources and interest from insulated suburban New Jerseyans in the risk of gunplay that is the everyday of the families of Camden and some of her sister cities.

    Mayors Against Illegal Guns – NJ members

    – their letter to Obama.


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