Another Place to Do Stimulus in NJ: Trenton

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Last month I wrote about how Democrats at a local level could work together to do a distributed stimulus, and this month I want to talk about another major investment we could make that would improve our infrastructure, benefit business and stimulate our economy.

Fix Trenton.

Trenton is six miles away from Princeton, NJ, the former capital of the United States of America, home to one of the most elite colleges in the United States, locale of some seriously rich people and host to Drumthwacket – the Governor’s mansion.

Trenton is … the capital of New Jersey, and a pit.  Seriously.   Even the Trenton Makes, the World Takes bridge is dilapidated. Today in the roundup we see that the capital building is falling apart.  The Mayor is indicted, the roads are crap, crime is rampant, jobs are scarce even near the capital, most state workers live elsewhere, etc., etc., etc.  Pit.

A state as wealthy as New Jersey should not have a capital city that looks, feels and lives like this.

So let’s put a .1% (or something, since it’s made up) surcharge on income over $100,000 to infrastructure improvements dedicated towards infrastructure and business growth in our state’s capital.  Long term improvements, employment opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, and more.  For pennies from rich folks.

Stimulus should not only help the economy, but build our infrastructure.  Let’s do it.  

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  1. deciminyan

    If done right, Trenton can be a showplace for New Jersey. Even now, there are things that have the potential to attract visitors (and dollars from neighboring Pennsylvania) such as the Trenton Thunder. The 9/11 exhibit in the State Museum is compelling, and they have programs for children which I have taken my grandson to. But once you get out of the area around the State House, things are as you describe them. Investment in infrastructure is critical. So are jobs. We need to put Trentonians, and all New Jerseyans, back to work. If we don’t invest in infrastructure and jobs now, then when?


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