Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 17-18, 2012

With its 59th killing in 2012, Camden passes a grim milestone.

WTF? This isn’t what Occupy Wall Street was about.


  • Joe Biden will be here today – in Hoboken & Seaside Heights.

  • Braun: How the system failed seniors suffering through Sandy in Long Hill.

  • Patti Smith, seamstress to Atlantic City’s best drag queens and pageants, lost vintage patterns, sequins and boas.


  • Moran: Steve Adubato Sr. tarnishes legacy with cheating, ethics scandals.

  • Christie: Newark teachers’ contract a model for US.

    Deputy NJ AG: “I have reviewed the (video) and do not see anything shocking or unreasonable.”

  • State authorities initially cleared N.J. trooper accused in beating – yes, the one where the patrol car video captured the officer throwing a mentally disabled man to the ground and punching him several times in the face.

    Medical marijuana

  • I guess Associated Press thought they were being cute with this lede.

    Ingle: Silly secession talk entices the lazy, ignores strengths

  • Those hoping for an end to the loonier moments in our recent history with the conclusion of the presidential campaign woke up to face reality. There is a pool of stupidity that defies all attempts to drain it.


  • Stile: Christie showing government some love in Sandy response.

  • Christie’s re-election bid would likely trigger flood of campaign dollars in N.J..

  • Gelinas: Christie’s Hurricane Sandy response could lay groundwork for presidential run.


  • Christie: I am not answering questions on Twinkies.

  • You’re going to throw the American union worker under the bus … for a Twinkie?

    For or against a 21-county strategy

  • Jim Tighe, who ran for Freeholder in crimson Sussex, weighs in.

    A chill between Christie and Booker

  • Plus, loser Sheldon Adelson, and irregularities in the Rep. Payne ledger. (Auditor)
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