Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 10-11, 2012

This is amazing. Thank you, New Orleans.

Today is Veterans Day. Surely you have someone to thank?

What kind of operation are the Christies running?

  • Christie’s Hurricane Relief Fund: A Scheme Gone Awry.

    Oh, so that explains a few things

  • Christie was a JCP&L lobbyist.

  • Christie Still Loves JCP&L, “NJ’s Most Hated Company!”®

  • Residents to Christie: Remove JCP&L from Bridgewater.

    Mother Jones: Koch-backed group warns Christie

  • AFP, nervous about Obamacare.


  • Codey getting a serious look for governor by Dem chiefs.

    More Christie

  • Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and the 9 Republicans Who Could Lead the GOP.

  • IT’S OFFICIAL:  Christie’s Favorability Takes A Dive Among GOP.

    Ingle: GOP must adapt to remain relevant

  • Women, more than half the country. Older white men dying off. Hispanics, Asians, growing.

  • Moran: Republicans’ hard-right turn worries old-guard Tom Kean.

    Right wing goes just a little nuts for a sec

  • Christie? a Democrat?

  • Et tu, Atrios?

    Some business folks & politicians don’t like it

  • But just wrap your head around the fact that Camden residents feel like they have to erect a field of crosses to get recognition for the daily trauma of the city’s homicide rate.


  • Ledger editorial: Hurricane Sandy showed need for early voting in NJ.


  • Colleges working fast to use funds approved by voters.

    The Ray Lesniak offer Jersey City’s Steve Fulop (allegedly) refused

  • Plus “Landslide Bob,” Wilbur Christie, and more from the Auditor.
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