Weekend News Roundup for Nov. 24-25, 2012

Not New Jersey, but interesting reading about JFK, Latinos and their vote.

Not politics, but Awesome Post-Sandy story for your Sunday reading.

What are you reading today, Blue Jersey?


  • N.J. should move to allow in-person early voting.


  • N.J. bill seeks to limit cuts by insurers.

  • After Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Christie gets a do-over in budget battle.

  • Jared Pincin: Is Rutgers’ Big Ten move a boon or bust for taxes, tuition?

  • Q & A: Why marriage may be the strongest antidote to child poverty.

    Should the “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner fly over Pitman?

  • The Catholic Knights of Columbus say yes, some locals and the Freedom From Religion Foundation say no.


  • Rebuild yes. But how?

  • Sandy: The Financial and Emotional Toll And The Difficult Road To Recovery.

  • N.J. mayors among those to testify at Sandy NJ Senate hearing.

  • $29.4 Billion.

    Camden’s crosses for homicide victims will be in candlelight vigil

  • 60 homicides and it’s not December yet.

    Ginger Gibson at Politico: 2013 marquee race: Chris Christie vs. Cory Booker?

  • You can almost hear Ginger Gibson, who used to cover NJ politics at the Ledger, salivating the possibilities.

  • Gay folks & groups itching for Booker-Christie contest, too.


  • Comparing Sandy-week Bloomberg to Sandy-week Christie.

    Analysis: Christie’s lingo on halfway houses

  • Reitmeyer: It’s missing something.

    Freeholder Dems flourish in Bergen

  • David Ganz and Joan Voss.

    LD-16 Assembly Special Election is still too close to call, and not certified

  • Did State Democrats do enough for candidate Marie Corfield?. (Auditor)
  • Comments (2)

    1. deciminyan
    2. huntsu

      If the banner space is available to businesses and organizations and individuals who apply in a publicly available process, then I have no problem with it.  It’s public speech, and if the KoC want to talk about their faith there I have no more issue with that than if the Freedom From Religion Foundation folks wanted to put up their own banner.

      Interestingly if the FFRF people did put up a banner many of the people defending the KoC would be up in arms.

      But the first amendment is about the government not regulating religion, not about keeping it out of public spaces.  As long as all religions (or lack thereof) have access via publicly available processes then government ain’t regulating, just allowing.


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