TODAY – We’ll be live-Tweeting NJ Senate Hurricane Sandy hearing

In a few minutes, Blue Jersey will be live-Tweeting the discussion on Hurricane Sandy in NJ Senate Budget and Appropriations.

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A couple of provisos: Hearings, as you know, typically start late (scheduled for 11AM). Also, our live-Tweeting to a great degree will depend on our wifi connection, which at the moment is iffy. The NJ Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee is meeting on-site, at the Toms River Municipal Building, in deeply-affected Ocean County. In any case, we’ll post a wrap-up later.

Up on the schedule today is testimony from mayors in towns affected by Hurricane Sandy, emergency management officials from around the state. The discussion as planned centers on the damages sustained in the 900-mile superstorm and the immediate needs of NJ residents and local government entities.

Today’s Legislative calendar.

You may be able to view the proceedings when they begin, here:

NJ Legislature Live Media page.

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  1. interested observer

    great job by Deciminyan live tweeting the hearing.  lots of interesting info coming straight to me.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Great job, Deciminyan. We could see from the number of retweets and favorites, and new followers, how many people were relying on your play-by-play of the discussion.  


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