TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 16, 2012

Are you ready for Joe? Get ready for Joe.

Nutley Uber Alles

  • Have to disagree with this editorial. It’s a big friggin’ deal to capture the enemy’s flag, particularly this flag. Let the WWII vet have his moment on Veterans Day and maybe all us non-WWII vets STFU.

    Buh-bye, and have fun in PissedOffWhiteMenistan

  • Nearly 9,000 of your neighbors have signed a petition to secede New Jersey from the rest of the nation, using a govermint website to call for our exit because, you know, they don’t like the govermint.

    Mighty Righty

  • A draft Steve Lonegan for Governor page is launched on Facebook.

    When Republicans Talk to Republicans, It Gets All Glowy

  • Mary Pat Christie tells Jenna Bush that NJ is “inspired” by her husband.


  • What the frack will Christie do?

  • Pizurro: Has Gov. Christie made NJ a better place to live?

  • Work for whatever law firm you want, Bill Palatucci. You still have to answer for CEC.

    Congratulations to NJ’s newest congressman

  • Rep. Don Payne, Jr..

    Obama’s not-so-long coattails in Somerset County

  • Thanks, OFA.


  • Doherty’s right; if we’re paying to rebuild your beach, don’t charge us to visit.

  • Income inequality in NJ; graphics starkly make the point.

  • THIS is how Newark will use the $100M Facebook windfall.

  • NJ’s aging power plants, another casualty of Sandy.

  • Gov. Christie, move past partisanship on health insurance exchange.


  • So bad, some towns want to start up their own utility.


  • Cory Booker says Sandy pushed back his 2014 decision.

    Bill Bradley, check the paperwork

  • NBA star-turned-NJ Senator signs on as Honorary VP of the possibly out-of-compliance Christie family Sandy Relief Fund.

    IBEW’s Buzzy Dressel arrested

  • Federal indictment  charging Dressel and the local’s president, John DeBouter, with embezzling more than $350k from the local.

    Q&A: Medical marijuana in N.J.

  • What do you need to know?
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    1. huntsu

      First of all, you spelled “governmint” wrong.  It’s “gummint.”

      Second of all, I don’t know who Jenna Bush’s husband is.

      WTF is wrong with Bill Bradley?

      What do I need to know?  Where do I get it?

    2. Bertin Lefkovic

      Even on Veterans Day, I don’t think that it is too much to ask for WWII veterans to be sensitive to how the imagery of a Nazi flag might make Holocaust survivors and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren feel, particularly considering the complexities inherent in the interwoven stories of the Holocaust and WWII.

    3. Bertin Lefkovic

      As the rebuilding of the Jersey Shore begins, I think that we need to reconsider more than just whether or not towns should be allowed to charge prohibitive fees for beach access.  We need to take a long look at the hyperprivatization of one of our state’s most important natural resources and be forward thinking, especially since it is unlikely that Sandy is going to be the last major storm to hit our area.

      As the 2013 gubernatorial and legislative election season gets underway, I think that a prerequisite for anyone running for election or re-election to any state-level office should be a vision for how the Jersey Shore can be best utilized by as many of our residents as possible, how to rebuild private and public property in a way that enables more rather than less people to access this area and live there on anything ranging from a brief visit to year-round and for all of us to be as prepared as possible for future storms of this and even greater magnitude, and how to enhance commercial activity in the area in such a way that it benefits everyone but does not irreparably harm the natural quality of the region.

      I also think that incumbent and prospective electeds should also have a broader and deeper vision for how our state’s utilities should operate going forward that would enable them and their customers to be better prepared for storms like Sandy.  I don’t know if burying power lines are the answer or not, but it is clear that we need a smarter grid with more redundancies that should include a major investment in home-based electricity sources such as solar panels and backup generators that are incorporated into a home’s natural gas or oil-based heating systems.

      Finally, driving around various neighborhoods and seeing all of the large trees that had been ripped out of the ground, because they had been planted between a sidewalk and a curb, which limited the extension of their root structure, tells me that as much as we might like our elegantly organized and planned tree-lined streets, their development was woefully short-sighted.  I don’t care how much it costs, but there should be a major investment in digging up these trees and relocating them to the back or front yards of individual homes where they will have enough space to grow properly and survive storms like Sandy.

    4. Bertin Lefkovic

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