Pascrell elected Democratic Regional Whip

PolitickerNJ reports that Congressman Pascrell will have some additional responsibilities in the 113th Congress:

By a unanimous vote, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell’s (D-9) colleagues today elected him to the position of Democratic Regional Whip for the 113th Congress.

Pascrell will serve as whip for Region 9, which encompasses the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and the District of Columbia, and will serve as one of 24 Regional Whips representing 12 regions nationwide.

So you’re saying, what does this all mean? What will he actually do?

As a Regional Whip, Rep. Pascrell will help frame the Democratic Caucus’ policy agenda and work closely with fellow members to determine legislative priorities.  He will also be responsible for the mobilization of members for key votes, and inform his colleagues about the details of pending legislation along with the schedule by which it will be considered by the House

Congratulations to the Congressman. This will certainly be an important role with the many challenges facing the Congress and the makeup of its members.

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  1. Stephen Yellin

    You’re saying Bill Pascrell is a drunk, an adulterer and a man who should be behind bars for corruption. Gosh, Bert, tell us what you really think about him. Please, don’t hold back, not at all.

  2. Erik Preuss

    why all of the Pascrell hate? I truly don’t understand it

  3. Rex Banner

    what’s up with that comment?


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