NJDOE Charter Report May Be Released Today

Word is that the NJDOE will release its long-awaited charter school report today – 631 days after Commissioner Chris Cerf vowed to produce it “as quickly as is humanly possible.” Cerf promised the report in the wake of criticism that the NJDOE’s initial report – which showed charters were superior to public schools – did not take into account the fact that many “successful” charters do not serve as many children who are poor, do not speak English at home, or have special needs as neighboring public schools.

Rumor also has it that tonight the Camden school board will vote on approval of a HOPE Act charter school run by KIPP, a national charter management company critics often accuse of “skimming the cream” – taking the easiest to educate students and leave the others to public schools.

If true, the timing is likely not a coincidence. We’l be watching.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Whether Christie was going to run or whether the report will say charters are the greatest thiing since sliced bread.


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