News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012


  • Romney camp is fairly confident that Christie made them lose the election.

  • NY Times: After Obama, Christie Wants a G.O.P. Hug.

  • You know, Barbara, sometimes we’re just not that fascinated.

  • Christie’s ‘SNL’ Spot Yields Silly Conservative Backlash. (Video)

  • $1.8M for the guy not on the ballot.

    How We Do It in Superstorms

  • We come through the superstorm still liking the state, feeling well cared-for.

  • NJ fishing industry works to recover.

  • Emergency food stamps.

  • And from the Get a fricking grip department ….


  • It’s official. You think JCP&L sucks.

  • We know.

    Flaws in the ‘conservative’ argument

  • Frank Askin: Republicans must move to the mainstream to succeed in 2014.

    Waiting for the Chris Christie-Cory Booker match to ignite

  • Star-Ledger’s all a twitter.

    Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC on the dismantling Camden Police

  • “Every cop in America should worry about what’s happening in Camden.”


  • Towns urge Trenton to override Christie’s veto of Good Samaritan bill.

  • Senate Budget approves minimum wage increase.

  • Senate Environment approves bills promoting alt-fuel vehicles.

  • S2 advances, to push towns to share more services.

  • Environment & health: Christie signs bill for safe prescription drug disposal.


  • Feds order N.J. to return $50M in Medicaid payments.

  • BIG bill for tiny Loch Arbour.

  • Christie gets a push to expand Medicaid, covering low-income & disabled people.

  • Rutgers: Boards approve UMDNJ merger.
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    1. Bertin Lefkovic

      …definitely curious.  The special is going to air on December 12, which is two days before the federally-mandated deadline for Christie to sign or veto the Obamacare health insurance exchange legislation and also around the same time that Cory Booker is going to make a decision about whether he is going to run for Governor next year or Senator in 2014.

      Sadly, Barbara Walters is such a lightweight that it is unlikely that her conversation with Christie is going to produce any breaking news, but if Christie was going to do something outside of the box like run for re-election as a Democrat and run for President on the Americans Elect ticket and wanted to have the announcement framed in exactly the way that he would want it to be framed, then an easy forum like this could be perfect for him.

    2. Bill Orr
    3. Bill Orr

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