News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012

That big Christmas tree in front of 30 Rock? Yet another Jersey Sandy survivor.

Uh-oh, somebody call the WAAAAAHMBULANCE

  • Since Romney lost, some of the signatures on secession petitions posted to the White House are from New Jersey. Worth noting, though that the only petition large enough to trigger an official WH reply is Texas. Drop Austin … and back away slowly …


  • Stile: Christie may the moderate the GOP seeks in 2016.

  • NYPost: Christie facing GOP storm.

  • Cameron: Christie committed political career suicide because he dared to tell the truth about Obama’s role in Sandy.

    Chris Christie Said Nothing About A Massive Inmate Escape During Sandy

  • No public statement from Christie after mass escape during Sandy, with one still at large. Remember, escape is a problem with the privatized halfway houses run until days ago by Christie pal Bill Palatucci. And the history includes the murder of a 21-year-old Viviana Tulli of Garfield.


  • Democrats think Garrett can be beaten.

    Sen. Menendez returns to Washington on the rise

  • Bonus cute picture of Data Dan, for Data Dan fans.


  • Christie loses the fleece.

  • Sandy by the numbers.

  • Gov’s decision to close down NJ Seaside Heights causing residents’ anger.

  • Out of the superstorm, lessons for health providers.

  • Christie gets on insurance companies post-Sandy, FEMA says be persistent.

  • FEMA opens disaster centers in 19 NJ counties.

  • Christie: Sandy’s effect on his 10% tax cut proposal uncertain.

  • Storm won’t necessarily spell budget disaster.

    JCP&L: A History of Service Interruptions

  • Think the problems started with Sandy?

    Those crosses – for murder victims – in front of Camden City Hall?

  • They stay.

    Changing Our Election Laws

  • Sen. Weinberg calls for a comprehensive review, and maybe overhaul, of NJ’s election process.


  • NJ minimum-wage bill moves forward – the Oliver bill.

  • Votes in 3 states buoy hopes of marriage equality advocates.


  • Newark teacher contract: not just about performance bonus.

  • Jersey Jazzman: Newark teachers contract: knowledge vs. ignorance.

    Critical decision on health insurance exchange due this week

  • NJ has 1.3 million people uninsured.
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    1. denniscmcgrath

      Not surprising, really, as there are some really tiny voting districts.

      OTOH, now there is an investigation into why some voters of long standing were not in the roll books Tuesday.

      If that turns out to be more than a glitch, and the missing pages were of Republican voters, that could both better explain some of the 0 Mitt districts AND be a rather sorry episode for progressives.

      I have no information regarding this; it just occurred to me this a.m. when I was listening to the radio report about voters who should of been in the roll books and weren’t. Philly is so heavily Democratic you’d expect most of those affected to be Democrats, if it turns out they aren’t then something was up.


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