News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Nov. 26, 2012

Well-intentioned, poorly-planned mess might disenfranchise 10,000

  • Politico: New Jersey email voting a casualty in Sandy’s wake.

    Say goodbye to Atlantic City

  • Towns up and down the Atlantic Coast, the new Atlantises of the future. (h/t EnviroPolitics Blog).

    Which, by the way, is not even a living wage in NJ

  • N.J. and small businesses weigh pros and cons of minimum wage hike to $8.50.

  • Check out the Living Wage Chart for NJ.

    O Cory, Where Art Thou?

  • As the mythology around Mayor Booker amplifies perhaps it is time to gain some perspective. (DSWright, Daily Kos)

    Walk! Cory, Walk!

  • What could trip up a Booker statewide run.


  • High marks for Obama & Christie post-Sandy, Christie at 67-25 favorability. He does even better in Fairleigh Dickenson’s sample, with a big (temporary?) spike in approval from Dems.


  • For Christie, a reality: Real post-Sandy federal funding depends more on NJ Dems than NJ GOPs, except for press-shy blue-blood Rodney Frelinghuysen.

  • Stome deepens hole for AC casinos.

  • FEMA pays out $248M to 230,162 NJ residents in the month since.

  • Long Beach Mayor: Dunes tab is on residents.

    7-year political legal battle, over

  • Judge dismisses suit against Bergenfield Mayor Timothy Driscoll, Sen. Loretta Weinberg and 4 others .

    Protecting windfall winners

  • N.J. Assembly panel clears one-year anonymity for lottery winners.
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    1. Bertin Lefkovic

      But there is no doubt the mythological Cory Booker is quite popular, the question then becomes how much will the voters be willing to suspend their disbelief given the record?

      …are very good at willingly suspending disbelief.  Booker is unlikely to face much opposition when he runs for Senate in 2014 except possibly from the incumbent, Senator Frank Lautenberg.  Unfortunately, even incumbency is not more powerful than the county party line.


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