News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, November 30, 2012

Senate Passes Multiple Bills in Their Only November Voting Session

New Jersey Senate votes to increase the minimum wage and tie it to the cost of living. Yet every Republican votes against providing a living wage to New Jersey’s poorest workers. A gubernatorial veto is expected, so the Senate also passed a constitutional amendment to lock in COLA adjustments. But even if that is brought to fruition, low wage earners won’t see any relief until 2014.

The Senate also passed Senator Weinberg’s Truth in Tolling Bill and Senator Sweeney’s consolidation-or-else bill.

Making Camden’s Problems Worse

What do you do if your city has one of the worst crime rates in the nation? You disband the police force and replace experienced cops who know the neighborhoods with inexperienced junior (i.e. cheaper) officers. The process has begun.

Camden school board suddenly reverses itself and gives George Norcross III his charter schools.

Rutgers – The State University

Activist students make a difference (video)

The state’s future Big 10 team ends the season on a 2-game losing streak. 🙁

Sandy- One Month Later

Legislators see the damage first hand. (Photo Credit: Assemblyman Angel Fuentes’ Facebook page)

Neil Young will perform in a benefit concert in Atlantic City

Re-closing a barrier island for critical repairs.

Will Governor Christie’s new Hurricane Czar advocate for these victims?

Sandy Victims and Santa Benefactors.

Is it Still Jon Corzine’s Fault?

New Jersey makes the list of Worst Run States in America

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  1. JCpolitico

    It seems important to add that the best run states are also among the whitest in the country and many of them receive far more federal dollars than they pay out in income taxes.  


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