Jeff Tittel on JCP&L & utilities: FEMA money “rewards mismanagement and incompetence”

I see Jeff Tittel logged on right now, but I was going to post anyway something he said today, and sent to the press – –  a response to the news that FEMA is reimbursing New Jersey $29 Million to feed and house Utility Workers after Hurricane Sandy.

“It is outragous that the state spent this money in the first place. The Utilities should have to pay for the help that they brought in during the storm not the taxpayers. Maybe if the utilities had to pay they would better maintain their lines and equipment so we have fewer black outs and we would not ship in people from out of state.This rewards mismanagement and incompetence and the failure of the power companies do do their jobs. They should instead pay all the people in NJ that lost power and pay to feed and house them instead. JCPL is a disaster but they created it and should not be given disaster aid from the taxpayers. Many of the workers brought in work for the same power companies in other states.”  

                                                 – Jeff Tittel,  NJ Sierra Club

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