E-mail Voting Disaster?

I’m not criticizing, just asking.  Sandy is an extraordinary event, and election folks and the Governor are trying hard to make voting possible.  But a BuzzFeed report indicates people are trying to vote by e-mail and it’s failing.

The email address listed on the website of the Morris County Clerrk, asmith@co.morris.nj.us, is not receiving email. Nor is the email, info@essexclerk.com, listed on the website of the Essex County Clerk, info@essexclerk.com and the County’s site. (The Essex County Clerk posted to his Facebook page Monday that voters could email requests to his personal Hotmail account.

How could they not set up specific e-mail addresses that ONLY accept these ballots? And it’s not partisan since Morris is Republican territory and Essex is Democratic.

But, still, I wish this was working better.  Thank you for trying, but please let’s really hope this will work.

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