In 2008, when I arrived at the EMS station that is our polling place, the lines went through the parking lot and around the building. This morning, there were no lines. I was in and out in five minutes. Quite discouraging that early turnout was so low. In a community that was largely unaffected by Sandy, did people take advantage of early voting? Or are they so discouraged by the incessant drone of political rhetoric that they ignored the whole thing?

What are your election experiences today?

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    to be discouraged, IMO.

    Remember the extended early voting hours at the county clerks’ offices this weekend and Monday – with people waiting on line more than an hour to vote. And remember the massive early voting operation run by the Obama campaign.  

  2. firstamend07

    2008 will never be duplicated. But ,that said, people will vote today and many people have already voted.

    No one will lose because of low turnout.

    Heading over to Philly to help out there.

    Jersey will be fine.  

  3. nathanrudy

    At the Somerset County Clerk’s office there were thousands of voters between Saturday and Monday, and my guess is many of those people were the kind to make sure their votes are counted by voting early.

  4. Rex Banner

    Usually, I’m a “get to the polls at 6AM” voter and am also either #2 or #3 for voting in my District.  I forget how it was in 2008 since I think I went later in the day and the lines were longer (maybe a 25 minute wait).

    Due to the weather, our polling station was moved a mile or 2 away and instead of only 3 districts voting there, it was roughly double.  I got there around 6:30 or so, and while there were little to no lines, the place was buzzing with people coming in and out consistently.  As opposed to my normal low single digit ticket, I saw that I was #18 so commented that it was good to see there were a bunch of people already voting (this was in 1/3 of the alphabet so I don’t know what the others were).  

    The woman replied that there were actually more than 18 already due to her using “the other booklet” at the start of the day.  So not bad at all, it would seem.

    My wife is going to vote later on this morning, so I’ll post a comment with her experience….

  5. the_promised_land

    Had to wait a few minutes at 7 am at my polling place, which is usually dead, and only covers an area with about 700 people – not voters, people (that was not hit too hard by Sandy).  

  6. denniscmcgrath

    actually seems rather more busy than usual.

  7. Jeff Gardner

    Our power is mostly back on, regular polling places are operational, and there were lines at all of them at the 6am opening.

    Plus, early voting is up over 20% from 2008.

    So, I’m encouraged.

  8. Hopeful

    I voted by mail which takes all the fun out of it.

  9. carolh

    There are news stories today of folks displaced by Sandy voting today despite their troubles. Even in places like Pt Pleasant. If they can do it maybe it will inspire others to do the same.  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11

  10. deciminyan (Post author)

    Yesterday, I did phone banking for Shelley Adler. I got more hang ups than people who would take the call. I wonder if some of the stuff we do is counterproductive.

  11. nathanrudy

    Elvis ain't discouraged

    Elvis ain’t discouraged.

  12. Jeff Gardner

    Our Registered Voter numbers are little changed since 2008, when 8999 voters cast ballots here.

    As of noon, including early voters, over 4000 have voted so far.

  13. Bill Orr

    Because of redistricting I was shoved screaming and shouting from CD 9 to CD 5, and because of Sandy my polling site of 30 years was moved to another location. The good news: my power came back on last night.  More good news: at the Teaneck voting site for District 3 by 2:30 over 800 people had voted which I was told was much higher than in the past few years, and this area is largely true blue.  


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