Courier News Endorses Me For State Assembly

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Earlier today I posted to Facebook that the Courier News endorsed me. They have not posted an electronic version, but we found a hard copy. Here it is…

Courier News endorses Corfield for Assembly in 16th District.

Courier News, Sunday, November 5, 2012

Assemblywoman Donna Simon of Readington says what many voters like to hear these days: “Not a penny more” is Simon’s mantra, and it undoubtedly plays well with much of the 16th District masses.

But that seems about as far as Simon’s governing philosophy goes. The Republican incumbent repeats standard conservative dogma, but without much depth or understanding behind it. For instance, she reflexively touts the wisdom of across-the-board income tax cuts, but seems perplexed by the notion that such cuts disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

Democratic challenger Marie Corfield, a Flemington teacher, brings a far more layered approach to the campaign. Simon depicts her as a tax-happy teachers union, but Corfield’s support for public workers and education reform appears more thoughtful than that. Voters may not like hearing a politician suggest that some sort of tax hike could be necessary to achieve a desirable end, as Corfield did in conceding that a gas-tax bump might turn out to be the best solution to fund transportation projects. Simon’s “not a penny more” slogan sounds better. But it’s also too simplistic.

Simon was appointed to replace the late Peter Biondi, who died shortly after he was re-elected last November. This election is for the rest of Biondi’s unexpired term, in a traditionally Republican district, although redistricting has shifted demographics more the Democrats’ way. Simon’s been an active legislator, but her perspective seems shallow.

We’re making Corfield our pick in the 16th.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    That’s awesome.  

  2. carolh
  3. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    We need Marie Corfield in the State Legislature.

  4. deciminyan

    We need you in Trenton, and we need more folks like you. You will make a great assemblywoman.

  5. Jersey Jazzman


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