$1.8 million for the guy NOT on the ballot

You want to know what’s wrong with campaign finance? Just take a look at the spending for the candidate not on the ballot in this election cycle:

Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t on the ballot this year, but he was still featured in a positive television ad that ran in the weeks before the election and overlapped with Hurricane Sandy.

The Committee for Our Children’s Future, an issues-advocacy group established by a group of Christie’s college friends, spent $1.8 million airing the spot across the state from Oct. 15 to the middle of last week, spokesman Brian Jones said.

Ah, but it wasn’t just the $1.8 million at the end of the election he wasn’t running in:

That brings the committee’s total spending on pro-Christie spots to $7.8 million since the group formed in September 2011. As a 501(c)(4) organization, the committee does not have to disclose its donors.

$7.8 million spent to puff up Chris Christie. And while that group doesn’t disclose its donors, we do know that the taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for Christie’s nationwide tour leading up to the Presidential election.  But that’s not all, because this latest group follows Reform Jersey Now, which raised over $600K to push Christie’s Agenda. And then there was the Center for a Better New Jersey, which helped fund the Christie and Republican redistricting efforts. That doesn’t even count the spending from the groups pushing his voucher and charter efforts.  So the next time the Governor complains about all those big bad groups spending all kinds of money against him, someone should start playing the world’s smallest violin.

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  1. sandinbrick

    It just makes so mad that Christie is worshipped by the media. Let’s say SNL had him on, and his big head got so large than his large bottom. The way he keeps using Bruce Springsteen like Bruce like him! He can be more far from Bruce’s politics. It just makes sick. When we had the hurricane, he was so happy to have government (Pres. Obama) come to our State. FEMA came here to help us. So how’s that no government working out, Christie? I couldn’t be more happy that Mitt got dumped by not only Jersey, but the whole country. Wait, I mean the educated public. You have to consideration that the Southern States always vote Republican. Well the progressive pacs helped Christie get the ads on the air while we, the people, were suffering from the Hurricane. Christie acts like he cares, but he does not. Wait till he runs for President, then the truth will come out about him and his dirty politics. BTW, I wish I knew who was challenging in 2013. Please let us know that. Thanks for listening.  


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