Why I’ll Never Give To DCCC

They hate New Jersey.  They don’t hate the dollars they collect from New Jersey, but that don’t give a flying f__k about the state when it comes to competing for seats.

We’ve seen it for years, the DCCC will dangle support for our candidates and beg us for money, then when push comes to shove they get a weak poll and they take our money and spend it in Nebraska.

They pulled that stunt with Upendra Chivukula in the 7th this year, giving him some weird, amorphous designation that got a little press and some donations, but never gave any support other than a database password.  Where’s the money, the boots, the radio spots for Upendra? Leonard Lance has betrayed his “moderate” roots, the only strength this milquetoast candidate has, and could be taken down with a good effort.  But the DCCC did as close to nothing as they could.

But even worse is what they did to Shelly Adler, buying ad time in the Philly market to support her effort to take back her husband’s seat from the ultimate empty football uniform Jon Runyan and then pulling the ads. New Jerseyans put a lot of effort into Adler’s campaign, and this betrayal is bigger than just dropping her — they dropped all of us.

And now Daily Kos has downgraded NJ3, as well.

NJ-03 (Lean R to Likely R) …  In recent weeks, the DCCC has cancelled all (or almost all) of the airtime it had reserved in the costly Philadelphia market that was earmarked for this seat, and the NRCC was only all too happy to follow suit. Without that outside help, this seat feels like an incredibly tough nut to crack.

Anyone in New Jersey who donates to the DCCC is donating to their own abandonment, to a figurative Lucy placing a football down in NJ3, NJ7 or wherever and then pulling it away time and time again.  

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    …and no link to where to donate to Shelley’s or Upendra’s campaigns?

  2. Erik Preuss

    While the DCCC have a lot of resources, the chances of Dems taking back the house are realistically between slim and none. Unfortunately, neither of these races are among the 26 “toss up” races in the country. the DCCC don’t hate NJ, they are being pragmatic. Chivukula and Adler are awesome candidates, but this isn’t the type of year that districts like this typically swing their allegiance in. I’m sure if they believed that either candidate had a better than say 40% chance to win, they would be pouring money in.

  3. JackHarris

    The DCCC rarely steps in, unless they’ve recruited a candidate, or an outstanding candidate with very high name recognition steps forward.

    This is where the PCCC was supposed to really step up and fill the void with candidates and in geographies where the DCCC treads lightly, but they’ve never really been a factor.

    But any candidate who counts on the DCCC to carry you across the finish line has already lost. The DCCC is the icing on the cake and provides technical resources in races where they get in early, but ultimately it’s up to the candidate and their supporters to raise the money and win the race.  


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