Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Oct. 20-21, 2012

Rutgers Student Union wants Sallie Mae off campus

  • Students say Rutgers pays the same corporation profiting off of predatory student loans to then collect tuition from students who are having difficulty paying on time. Sallie Mae is the largest private owner of student debt in the U.S..

    What happened with the only woman on Bogota’s police force?

  • Fired.


  • NJ’s local tax bills keep spiraling upward.

  • We don’t want the tourists seeing the homeless missions, do we, AC?

  • Camden in talks to set up diversionary program for its prostitutes.

  • Billboard battles in the wetlands.

  • Is Christie doing enough on the job front? (Schoonejongen)

    Asm Paul Moriarty views video of his own disputed traffic stop

  • Moriarty also filed a 27-count criminal complaint against the cop who pulled him over as a DUI, accusing him of official misconduct, perjury, filing false reports, and falsifying and tampering with public records. .

    Campaign 2012

  • Star-Ledger endorses Obama.

  • Meet Joe Kyrillos, nice guy trying to unseat powerful Sen. Menendez. Okay …

  • Sheldon Adelson: Kyrillos, Boteach, Romney.

  • One more reason to support Marie Corfield.

  • The Power of Netroots Fundraising.

    Campaign 2013

  • Booker, Christie stump amid rivalry speculation.

    9th state in U.S. to push back against Citizens United

  • Assembly rejects Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate political spending

    Dwek gets another 4 years

  • Imposed Friday by Superior Court judge in Monmouth for what he said was Dwek’s obsession with “wheeling and dealing” fueled by greed..
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