VP debate: Romney-Ryan Plan Healthcare Facts

With tonight’s Vice-Presidential debate a few hours away, I just wanted to share a few friendly reminders about the  Romney/Ryan plan…and how it will harm healthcare here in New Jersey & throughout the country.

A lot of this is already well known…but, frankly, we don’t know if the real Paul Ryan is going to show up tonight. And if Ryan tries to pull a Romney by outright lying to hide his extreme policies….well…Don’t forget these 4 simple things:

1). Romney/Ryan Would End Medicare – There is no debate over this, it’s a fact. Romney/Ryan would end how Medicare has successfully worked for decades and would replace it with a privatized voucher.  Romney admitted this, twice at the last debate.

2). Romney/Ryan Would Hurt CURRENT Seniors – By repealing ObamaCare they would hurt CURRENT seniors by throwing them back into the Rx drug donut hole and taking away their free preventative care.

3). Romney/Ryan Would Hurt EVERYONE – By repealing ObamaCare small businesses would lose their tax breaks, your children would be thrown off your insurance and everyone would be back at the mercy of insurance companies and pre-existing conditions.

4).  Romney/Ryan Think They’re Better Than You – ObamaCare makes Congressmen – like Paul Ryan who’s been getting government insurance for years – choose from the same health care plans as the rest of us.  By repealing ObamaCare they can go back to having you pay for their coverage at the same time they’re taking it away from you.

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