This is how Team Chivukula does post-Hurricane contingency

With more than 80% of Somerville still without power, and a 5pm curfew in place because of still-dangerous conditions, the Chivukula for Congress HQ is inaccessible. But in addition to duties to his Assembly district constituents, there is also a congressional campaign going on with an election day 6 days away. Most of the staff is still without power, so today some of them went to Upendra and Dayci Chivukula’s home – where they’re lucky to have power – and got some work done together. They also had probably the calmest meal in days, charged all their devices and did their laundry.

This is how we do campaign contingency plans in NJ-7. How’s your campaign doing post-Sandy?

Chivukula for Congress contingency meeting

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