Stop it. Math is Hard. (for the GOP)

Today’s jobs numbers are huge great news: the unemployment rate fell to 7.8% in September from 8.1% in August. This is the lowest level since President Obama took office in January 2009, and a continuation of the slow and steady downward trend of our national unemployment rate. Huge.

Diving in to the numbers: U.S. payrolls increased by a seasonally adjusted 114,000 jobs in September. Meanwhile, the August and July payroll numbers were revised up-August payrolls rose 142,000 compared with the initially reported 96,000, and July was up 181,000 versus an earlier estimate of 141,000. Do the math, and that equals a total of 200,000 new jobs we found out about today. Great.

But, apparently, math is hard for Republicans. And, great news for the American economy is bad news for their presidential candidate. So, this same GOP which has treated previous monthly job numbers like scripture, is now claiming that the numbers don’t add up and can’t be true and must be some conspiracy. For the GOP, facts are even harder than math.

Which brings us to the Jersey comeback. Today’s Jobs Report Deniers are taking a page right out of the Chris Christie playbook – if you don’t like the numbers, blame the math; if you don’t like the facts, blame the messenger.

But, the numbers and the facts don’t lie: while our national unemployment numbers have been consistently inching their way down under the President’s leadership, New Jersey’s unemployment numbers have been consistently rising under the Governor’s. And not just to 8% or 9%, but to a staggeringly high, almost 10% unemployment rate here in the Comeback state.

That’s great news for America, and terrible news for New Jersey. Add it up.

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  1. Rex Banner

    is the depth of these outrageous conspiracy theories to the reality deniers.  

  2. Joshua Henne

    Good post, Jeff.

    Any one month of jobs report doesn’t matter, but rather trends matter.

    US unemployment is now down to 7.8% – a psychological barrier to be below 8%.

    More important is that it’s lowest since 2009 and down 1.2 percent since last year.

    Conversely, under Governor Christie, New Jersey has consistently lagged the nation in jobs and unemployment keeps ticking up.

    It’s now at 9.9% – the largest gulf from the national average since the mid- 1970’s.

    Numbers are important…but trends matter more.


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