Political Humor

“Humor can be a terrible swift sword in the hands of a great leader”

“One good way to destroy an enemy is to turn him into a joke.” I read this quote in a fantastic new book “Lincoln and Obama” by Gene Griessman. Griessman does a lot to compare the two Presidents, but where I see it most is the wit they both display when confronting their opponent. Obama has clearly provided a plethora of zingers aimed at the GOP candidate (most recently “Romnesia), and I think it is highly effective. Lincoln did the same thing with Stephen Douglas over 150 years ago. I find it interesting the depth and level of wry humor displayed by the president. However, as a grad student in public health, Romney’s future plans for womens health may be a joke, but its a bad one.

I strongly encourage people to check out Lincoln and Obama. It is a quick read and highly relevant to our current political situation.

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