News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Oct. 22, 2012

Not the way to handle school bullying, cats and kittens.

Campaign 2012

  • Polls: Much Ado About Margins of Error.

  • School board candidates scrambling for attention in Nov. races.

  • School elections likely to draw more voters in November.

  • Democrats look to wrest control in Bergen County.

  • In a world of wild politics, Senate race is surprisingly tame.

  • NJ-1 candidates focus on big-picture issues.

  • NJ-10 Payne looks to continue late father’s legacy.

    Campaign 2013

  • In Jersey City, Steve Fulop has $700k COH, Healy $100k


  • Stumping in Indiana, Bill Clinton talked like he knew the players and the issues, Chris Christie … just talked about himself again.

  • Taking the day off again, to campaign in CT.

  • And Wednesday in NH.

    Is a county police force any kind of answer?

  • Camden victim No. 50 almost a certainty. (Walsh)

    Holly Schepisi thinks she’ll get cooties

  • And more tidbits from the Auditor.


  • Drop in food donations may mean tough winter for North Jersey’s hungry.

  • Taxes going up no matter who wins presidential election. (Jackson)

    Seton Hall Law School’s Center for Social Justice

  • Undocumented immigrants defy labels, stereotypes. (Jacek)


  • Lawmakers seek to end NJ takeover of schools.

  • How Newark Teachers Union/AFT President came to merit pay. (Moran)

  • Foundation for Newark’s Future A/K/A Facebook money hasn’t exactly set the world ablaze.
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