Joe Kyrillos is All Over the Map on Choice

Most of the time, I find Republicans intransigent in their positions. Whatever the issue, their solution is either tax cuts, reduction in spending, or a fundamentalist religious interpretation of a social issue. There is no nuance to their positions, and they are uncompromising.

But a new breed of Republican is emerging. They are what the late great Ted Kennedy called “multiple choice” in his 1994 Senate election debate with Mitt Romney. Romney has flip-flopped so many times on significant issues, it has become a staple of material for comedians.

Now, fellow Republican Joe Kyrillos is learning from the top of his ticket. Listen to his response to Jim Gardner’s question in the latest debate. He declares he’s both “pro-life” and “pro-choice” in the same answer. He claims that he’s personally “pro-life”, but “pro-choice for society at large.” This is not nuance, it’s obfuscation. While he states that he is opposed to third trimester abortions, he does not say that abortion is legal and should be kept legal and safe.

Kyrillos’ voting record belies his faux centrism. I have no doubt that if elected, Kyrillos will continue his record of voting against women’s issues. So while his opponent, Senator Bob Menendez, has a commanding lead, we need to ensure that the GOTV campaigns are successful and that people are aware of the differences in this campaign.

 Kyrillos on Choice by deciminyan  

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