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Pascrell fundraising letter by Rothman

In the inboxes of Democrats all over New Jersey today is a fundraising appeal for Rep. Bill Pascrell from, and including a picture of, Steve Rothman.

Not very long ago, these men were locked into one of the most unpleasant and painful primary battles in the country; two colleagues on equal footing and similar backgrounds whose teams were merciless on each other. I’ll spare you the links; we all remember and we’re all still recovering. Pascrell won the duel, and barring a big-ass asteroid slamming into the Earth, will remain in Congress. Rothman, left politically homeless by redistricting and primary defeat, is at the end of more than 25 years in elected office.

But he’s still a congressman for a few months longer. And his name and requests still mean a great deal to NJ Democrats. There’s something very welcome in this email for one old friend, from another. Wounds not exactly healed, and maybe never, but circles coming around.

Full email is after the jump, including where to send campaign contributions to the NJ-9 Democratic nominee for Congress, Bill Pascrell.


P.O. Box 714

Hackensack, New Jersey 07602

Telephone: 201.678.1111

Dear Friend,

I have had the great privilege of representing the people of New Jersey’s Ninth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives for the past 16 years, and I thank you for your strong and consistent support over the years.

As you know, I was recently engaged in a primary contest with my friend, Congressman Bill Pascrell.  Bill and I have been friends for 16 years, and, despite our spirited primary contest, we remain good friends and will continue to be when my term is over at the end of this year.  I’d like to ask you to join me in supporting Bill as he moves towards Election Day.  Bill has long been a Democratic champion for middle class taxpayers, and has proven time and again his willingness to lead the charge in the fight against the right wing extremists’ agenda of divisiveness and obstruction.

News reports suggest that Bill Pascrell is the target of a radical conservative Super PAC which is expected to spend significant funds to defeat him.  With everything at stake in November’s election, it is important that we join together and ensure that Bill has the funds to fight back and deliver a Democratic victory across the whole ballot here in Northern New Jersey.

I would ask that you join me in making a contribution to his campaign.  You can donate online by clicking HERE, or you can send a contribution to the following address:

Pascrell for Congress

P.O. Box 100

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Bill Pascrell has never been afraid to take on the tough fights on behalf of middle class taxpayers across North Jersey.  It is because of that fact that Bill deserves your strong support in his campaign to be the representative for the new 9th District, and it is because of that fact that he has mine.

Warmest personal regards,

Steve Rothman

Member of Congress  

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  1. deciminyan

    I’m happy to see the truce between two great Democrats. Contributing to Pascrell’s campaign is a good idea, but as Rosi says, barring a big-ass asteroid hit, Pascrell will retain his seat.

    There are other areas where your dollars can make a big difference. Here in Burlington County, we have the best chance in years to disrupt the Republican stranglehold on county government. For the next 2 days, contributions will be matched by an outside donor. So before the term “Burlington County Democrat” becomes as oxymoronic as “clean coal”, if you send a few dollars to the Committee, you can double your impact.


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