I Confess. I’m Really Nervous

The polls are all over the place. The battleground states seem to be moving in one direction or the other. Living in New Jersey, I wish we could charter a plane and fly together to Florida, or Ohio, or Colorado or wherever those “up for grab” places are and hit the ground! I’ve called and emailed friends and relatives I have or know in these states. I’m working hard in my own district in Bergen for our Senator Menendez, Congressman Pascrell and our Freeholder candidates, Steve Tanelli and Tracy Zur. But the national picture is nerve wracking! So much at stake. Bring it home for us Mr. President. Two more weeks to go. “Crunch time” is an understatement.

Other races I know our BJ readers are watching include Shelly Adler vs. Jon Runyon
. She’s a great candidate, will make a great CongressWOMAN, and can’t we please elect a woman as part of our Congressional delegation. Then, of course, there’s our very own Marie Corfield. When Marie gets elected to the Assembly, I know all the residents of New Jersey will be better served as well as those in her district. Certainly, the women of New Jersey, along with their families, have particularly important reasons to come out and vote in these elections!

Senate Labor Committee: Important bills up today First, a bill sponsored by Senator Bob Gordon and me, concerning companies who move more than 30% of their call center’s facilities to other countries. They will be ineligible to receive state grants, or tax benefits etc. from the State. Conversely, any state government contract for call center services can give preference to any company employing New Jersey residents.

We might have problems right in our own state on this one. This aspect of sending jobs overseas is certainly a national discussion, so I hope we have enough votes to get it out of committee. We’re counting on the three Democrats on the Labor Committee to stay together on this one. The committee will also have a hearing on the minimum wage tied to CPI constitutional amendment, so a transcript can be put on legislators’ desks as required by law.

October is Breast Cancer Month! This year we are calling particular attention to issues for women who have dense breasts and the inaccuracy of mammograms if a woman has this condition. I sponsored a bill which is working its way through the process and would require insurance companies to pay for further diagnostic procedures for these women. You know, it’s all about early diagnosis. To our women readers, get your yearly mammogram! To the men who love them, it’s your turn to do a little nagging!

So there’s lots going on in and around Trenton. But I’m still nervous. Last debate tonight, and like many of you, I’ll be sending good thoughts to our President and I’ll be really anxious till it’s over.  

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  1. honestNJdem

    Senator with all due respect it seems like you are intentionally not mentioning the 5th congressional district.  I know that much of your district is in the new 9th but another chunk is in the new 5th.  Turning your back on official democratic candidates isn’t right.

  2. Bill Orr

    Regarding the CD 3 October 4 poll mentioned in yeterday’s diary, the results were incumbent Republican Jon Runyan leading Democrat Shelley Adler 49% to 39% – with a margin of error +/- 4% suggesting the results are statistically significant. However, the results included 12% undecided voters who could conceivably sway the results in the other direction. An updated poll would be more relevant.

    I wish there were more published scientific polls for our own congressional districts. Instead we are left with Lehighvalley and Patch unscientific readership straw polls.  

  3. Jeff Gardner

    May we only hope that Democrats in those swing states are as anxious, and convert that nervous energy into boots on the ground. 🙂

  4. Senator Loretta Weinberg (Post author)

    The sentence reads “in my own district.” I live in the 9th District, and I clearly referred to the good people appearing on my own ballot. As to “turning my back” on official Democratic candidates- you are completely incorrect! I’m not sure who is giving you false information.


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