DLCC: Marie Corfield has the Top Grassroots-Powered State Race in the Country

Number One: The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has just announced that Marie Corfield landed the top spot in the country on the national Democrats’ Essential Races List among candidates powered by strong grassroots groundswell. Corfield, the Democrat in the District 16 Assembly special election, got more nominations than any other candidate in the country. Nominations were driven by Marie’s supporters in LD-16, and all over New Jersey. But her numbers really took off when supporters began telling her story to Democrats all over the country.

Tea Party opponent: Corfield’s Republican opponent has never been elected to the seat. Donna Simon was appointed to the seat after the death of GOP Assemblyman Pete Biondi. Simon is a Tea Party candidate, aligned and endorsed by them.

On Monday, Stephen Colbert did a quirky report on Colleen Lachowicz, who spends enough time playing World of Warcraft that she’s got a well-known avatar in that fantasy game. The GOP says that make her unfit for office. Also pulling votes in DLCC’s competition was the race against GOP Speaker Bolger in Michigan, who’s getting slammed for attempting election fraud. And a Democrat running against one of the top Free State Project people in the New Hampshire House.

Here’s what DLCC Executive Director Michael Sargeant just told Blue Jersey:

“For this year’s Essential Races project, we were once again overwhelmed by the thousands upon thousands of grassroots nominations that poured in for races across the country. All of them are significant and deserving of attention on Election Night, but only the top ten races could be added to this year’s Essential Races list as grassroots picks. And the race receiving the most nominations of any in the country was the special election in New Jersey Assembly District 16, featuring Democratic nominee Marie Corfield, a teacher who’s seeking to defeat an incumbent Republican appointee.  It’s clear that both parties have made this race a priority, and the flood of nominations this race received was a clear reflection of tremendous grassroots interest in the outcome of this election.”

Thank You: There’s a lot of people to thank for this national recognition of the importance of Marie’s race. DLCC itself deserves thanks for recognizing the importance of Marie’s race. You should know virtually everybody here at Blue Jersey is involved in key roles behind Marie. So, I thank my blogbrothers, and Sister Senate Majority Leader. When I think of the naysayers who think all we do here is write stuff, it makes me laugh. All of you – LGBT activists, parents & teachers, local small business owners, Labor folks, great Dems, everybody who took the time to nominate Marie, we owe this national recognition to you.

Follow Marie:  Website.  Facebook.  Twitter.  ActBlue.

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  1. Bill Orr

    And to her campaign staff.

    Well deserved for a great candidate  and one not afraid to stand up to bully Christie. Look forward to having her strong voice in the legislature, but  the effort to elect her is not over  and requires continued donations and efforts from her supporters.

  2. Marie Corfield

    to everyone at Blue Jersey and around the state, and the country for your support! This race was, is and always be people-powered. The bus for Trenton leaves in 25 days. Are you on it? Volunteer, donate, spread the word. Let’s win this! For more information go to:


  3. carolh

    She deserves all our support 🙂

  4. Rex Banner

    awesome awesome

  5. kfoster

    Now let’s get EVERY teacher in the state to get off their A** and vote Christie out.

    By the next election EVERY district will have had a taste of this new evaluation system and how much time it takes away from your classes. Not to mention how ridiculous and unsustainable it is.

    Good luck from South Jersey Marie!

  6. JackHarris

    awesome news.  

  7. vingopal
  8. Jay Lassiter

    what was the winning margins?

  9. Alex

    …as I tell everyone I know about this campaign and how important it will be to have somebody who’s been in the trenches (the teaching trenches) helping to make policy in Trenton.


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