Chris Christie Only Hates Some Illegal Drugs

Well, why should this bother anybody? After all, Linda McMahon did say recently there’s insufficient evidence that long-term steroid use is much of a risk to your health. And she should know, right? I mean … right? Promoted by Rosi.

So Chris Christie, the purported Governor of the Great State of New Jersey, is taking his “Win one for the GOPper tour” to new climes today:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the latest nationally known politician to get involved in Connecticut’s close Senate race.

The Republican is scheduled to appear with former wrestling executive and GOP candidate Linda McMahon at three campaign rallies on Monday afternoon. The pair is scheduled to make stops in Stamford, Waterbury and Glastonbury.

Many of these men have developed diseases and/or died as a result of anabolic steroid useThis is in support of the same Linda McMahon who made her fortune with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment with her husband Vince who was indicted in 1993 for distributing illegal anabolic steroids to his independent contractors (AKA employees classified in the way that would screw them the most). As a result Linda took over the WWE and said she would clean it up.

Records provided by Linda McMahon in 2006 to House investigators demonstrated that 40 percent of her wrestlers were still abusing anabolic steroids, more than a decade after the indictments.  The excuses have been that the wrestlers are not employees, but independent contractors, and as such WWE doesn’t control their training regimen.

Yet dozens of wrestlers have gone sterile, developed bone fragility, discovered tumors, found rare cancers and even committed suicide as a result of their bodies being ravaged by steroid abuse.

And Chris Christie is campaigning for this woman, who so cavalierly watched these wrestlers destroy themselves and their families so she could make a bigger profit. Christie would rather have a Republican Senator who oversaw a drug-riddled business than an honorable Democrat.

Yet Chris Christie would also prefer that illegal drug users die from overdoses instead of providing immunity to another drug user who calls 911 to save the life.

Business owners who knowingly allow rampant illegal drug use to build their business and make profits?  Christie is OK with them.

Illegal drug users who make a phone call to save a life? Christie is not so much OK with them.

I wonder how the Catholic Church the Governor talks about so much would feel about this?

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  1. Erik Preuss

    I really want Murphy to win this race. That being said, I don’t think steroid use in professional wrestling is at all relevant to whether or not McMahon would be a good senator. I don’t think she would be, but that’s not the point. By bringing this up as if it’s a real issue we sink to the level of the elephants.

    FYI She’s right that they are independent contractors, and all of those wrestlers know the potential side effects of steroids when they take them.


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