Why Democrats Must Support Barbara Buono for Governor

“Given the choice between a Republican and a Democrat who acts like a Republican, voters will choose the Republican every time.”

I don’t know who said it, but this adage certainly rings true, with the possible exception of local offices where personality trumps policy to a greater extent. That’s why if the Democrats nominate Cory Booker, Steve Sweeney, or Louis Greenwald, they are bound to lose to Chris Christie next year.

If the New Jersey Democrats are to re-take the State House, they will have to nominate a progressive like Barbara Buono. Voter turnout in an off-year like 2013 is typically lower than in even-numbered years. Christie’s popularity and fund-raising ability will be a powerful factor in the gubernatorial election. If there are any states in the union that are progressive, New Jersey is one of them. Only someone like Senator Buono can energize the progressives to get out and vote in 2013. It’s time now for the Democrats to coalesce around a winner, and support Barbara Buono for governor.

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    …has a much better chance to beat Christie than Buono.  There can be no doubt that she is a wonderful progressive, but Codey is progressive in his own right and has far more name recognition than Buono.

    I don’t think that Booker, Greenwald, or Sweeney are going to run, because they have too much to lose and Norcross is very happy with the working relationship that he has with Christie.  Instead, I expect that he will back a sacrificial lamb like Chris Bollwage or John Wisniewski against Buono in the primary.

    While I do believe that she could beat either Bollwage or Wisniewski on her own, as could Codey, I think Codey has a better chance of beating Christie, because he has a wider appeal to both Democratic and Republican moderates who remember the quality of his leadership, especially when compared with Corzine and McGreevey.

    There is also the matter of Buono’s Senate seat.  If Codey runs, he will be succeeded in the Senate by John McKeon, who is as progressive as Codey if not moreso.  If Buono runs, she will be succeeded in the Senate by Peter Barnes III, who is not nearly as progressive as Buono.

    If it winds up being Buono against anyone else but Codey, I will be happy to support her, but I think that Codey represents our best chance to replace Christie with a progressive Democrat.  


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