What Will Christie Do?

No doubt, being governor of New Jersey is a difficult job. You have to constantly make decisions which are bound to please one constituency while angering another. Such a decision needs to be made by Chris Christie before Monday.

An overwhelming majority in both houses passed Senate Bill S253. The bill bans the “treatment, discharge, disposal, or storage of wastewater … from natural gas exploration or production using hydraulic fracking.”

New Jersey leads the nation in the number of Superfund cleanup sites. The last thing we need is more pollutants, especially from other states, to exacerbate our continuing quest for a clean environment.

Today, a number of environmental groups, along with two clean environment advocates in the Senate, held a press conference to urge the Governor to sign the bill. Will Christie veto or conditionally veto the bill during the weekend news lull? Will he allow these pollutants in the state to please his Koch Brothers benefactors? Or will he do the right thing for the people of New Jersey and sign the bill?

Just like nuclear and traditional fossil fuels have hidden costs which need to be factored into the cost-benefit analysis, fracking also comes with covert but very real costs, to be borne by the consumer. At the press conference, Environment New Jersey issued a detailed report which describes these hidden costs. The report is available at this link.

According to Jeff Tittel of the New Jersey Sierra Club,

“The fracking process creates millions of gallons of wastewater and solids for every new well drilled and each well can be fracked multiple times.  Fracking waste contains over 700 hundred chemicals, many of them known carcinogens.  Long term exposure to these toxins can cause nervous system, kidney, or liver damage.  The gas industry is not required to disclose all the chemicals used in the process, and with these unknown additives it is impossible to know the full threat fracking waste presents.”

Prior to the news conference, I spoke with a co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Bob Gordon. Video of the entire press conference is below the fold.

Press Conference:

The number of empty chairs at the news conference would have made Clint Eastwood feel like he was at home with a dozen President Obamas. It’s a sad commentary that none of the mainstream media saw fit to attend this event and ask questions of the environmental advocates present.

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  1. carolh

    We will have to fight this by overriding or praying for his electoral defeat next year….  He wants his Koch Brother friends to be able to dump all over NJ.  The waste is what we need to fear in NJ. But we should also try to stop the pipelines across our state.  Gas drilling is CAUSING climate change. It is not CLEAN and no amount of advertising will make methane help us avoid climate change – oh heck — let’s call it what it is  – Global Warming.  The ice cap is almost gone let’s call it what it is – Global Warming.  Gas will hasten our demise from it, and we need to stop it any way we can. If we can make it harder to dump waste here we need to try everything we can.

  2. William Weber (WjcW)

    So you assume we are producing methane to pump into the atmosphere, and not burn?  


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