Tea Party Sees No Legitimate Role for State Planning

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FYI – Final Public Hearing on State Strategic Plan – Jersey City

Thursday, Sept. 13 – 1pm presentation, 2pm public hearing

City Hall, 2nd Floor Council Chambers, 280 Grove Street, Jersey City 07302. Walkable from Grove Street PATH or accessible by car from exit 14 of New Jersey Turnpike.

For those of you following the State Strategic Plan, you may be aware that there has been a very vocal Tea Party opposition turning up at meetings and causing disruption.

Regardless of how much anyone might agree or disagree with this specific plan, it’s important for those who support good planning in general to attend these hearings, so that those who oppose any planning or sustainability measures at all are not the only voices heard.

Here’s the link to a NJSpotlight article about the last hearing in Toms River, with an audience of 80 people, mostly Tea Party anti-Agenda-21 types.

Below the fold, a few things to know about the State Strategic Plan, and why the Tea Party may be so interested.

Some salient points regarding the State Strategic Plan:

  • New Jersey residents want  to see economic growth and more jobs without compromising the protection of clean water and open space. The State Strategic Plan provides a framework so that we can have both – economic prosperity and a healthy environment.
  • We need to rebuild our aging roads, bridges, rail lines and water infrastructure.  The State Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for infrastructure investments to be done efficiently and cost taxpayers less money.
  • An effective state plan creates opportunities and choices for all its residents, by focusing on strengthening communities and expanding transportation options. It ensures that future generations will have the resources they need to prosper.

    For the second bullet point, we should also consider the Tea Party’s real motivations, since many of them claim to care solely about spending less government money.  One might ask these “Agenda 21” people if all of their anti-government rhetoric about regional planning infringing on property rights also applies to local large-lot zoning.  Are they really against government regulation of development as a general principle?  Or are they actually sorta kinda secretly in favor of a certain kind of regulation, the kind that keeps out people they don’t like?  

    The final public hearing for the State Strategic Plan is happening this Thursday in Jersey City. Details of when & where are at the top of this post.

    If you can think of anyone who lives conveniently close to Jersey City and might be willing to attend this hearing, particularly if they might contribute to a rational dialogue and help make a case for regional planning, please forward this post to them.

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    1. carolh

      gas pipeline politics. How else to ram pipelines through our most populated and vulnerable cities, but to convince folks good planning is Un-American?  We need to nip this craziness in the bud.  As a civil engineer in prvate practice who actually understands land use, we cannot let these idiots be used by the energy industry to hijack the conversation the way Americans for Prosperity hijacked the healthcare debate. It is the same tactic. We have to stand up to these folks and show up wherever this craziness pops up.  Science is on our side.


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