Should Blue Jersey Push To Take on DoMA?

What say ye, Blue Jersey? And what would that look like? – promoted by Rosi

It looks like Vermont has joined New York and Connecticut in suing the federal government over the Defense of Marriage Act, or DoMA, the Clinton era law that bans recognition of marriage equality at the federal level.

The Obama administration has already stopped defending the legislation, something that sent Republicans in the House of Representatives around the bend.  They’ve spent almost a million dollars already defending the bill that the President and the country don’t want.

Blue Jersey has been a staunch advocate of marriage equality since the early days of the site, and continues to be so.

So should we start pushing for New Jersey to join the suit?  Sure, it’s not likely to happen given the current occupant of Drumthwacket, but it’s still important.  Should this odious law and the resulting lawsuit not be settled by 2014 we may — hard work and smart candidate selection willing — have a supportive Governor ready to help.

So, do we join the chorus?

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